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Part 19: Robot Fights! (more Factorial Town)

Whamon's treasure is Digitamamon's digivolution item.

And I get Ringo the other good Nature attack tech. Green Trap is good about stunning things but if the enemy moves in the middle of the animation it usually misses.

It's not Bug nor Prominence Beam and Ringo doesn't have the brains for me to run three techs so it won't do much.

You guys are really getting on my nerves.

I hope they have a water-tight casket for this guy since he melted.

"I am not going to even bother to check on the situation despite the possibility of endangerment of innocent lives.

Nope, just gonna stand here."

And the guard vanishes forever and will never be mentioned again. I am not kidding.

There'd be robots here if it were day. The robots would use satellite lasers.

I've heard that if you lure a Guardromon or a Geremon here and got in a fight, Finn would run to part of the background and you'd be stuck in prerendered limbo until you reset or used an auto-pilot.

I don't know either buddy.

"It's easier to punch you that way."

Crane Punch is a mech tech, and it's in the same area as All Range Beam so it's but a footnote.

He turns Mamemon into MetalMamemon, I hear. I've also heard he uses Full Potential, the mech buffing tech, if you can get him on screen when a fight starts. I couldn't quite manage it.

I like these robots in the back of Factorial Town. You know why?


Lasers and explosions.

All Range Beam is the 3rd strongest tech in the game and easily the best wide-area tech because of how it is nearly impossible to cancel (once the satellites are on-screen it'll go off without a hitch) and it just deals tons of damage. With lasers and explosions.

Anyway now that that interlude is over, let's go to the left here and fight the boss already.

It's the oh-so perfect Net Keeper Andromon raves over.

And he's making shit blow up.

Perhaps we should stop this.

You do realize, Finn, that you have a giant golden beetle behind you?

DG Dimension, at 722 power, is the strongest tech in the game. It takes a long time to actually hit though.

And he uses it a lot.

I think this is Delete Prog. It isn't much notable besides its awkward animation, wherein these cursors line up and something hurts your Digimon.

This should be Reverse Prog, which wishes it were a bit faster.

I don't think any other digimon uses either Delete Prog or Reverse Prog, meaning that's two techs with one user. You can only get one tech a battle. I hope you realize what the problem is with collecting mech techs.

Well after finally getting him to cough up all three techs Ringo blows him up with explosions and lasers.

You'll notice a few motifs with things I enjoy in Digimon World.

Finally making some progress with this whole "stop Numemon from dying" thing.

This entire row is empty and it's breaking my heart a little. I'll have to do something to get those lovely gears to sit there.

I'd rather have the obtuse guards than these mounds of HP. At least the bits aren't bad if you can somehow not need to throw twenty various floppies to cure poop-based ailments.

Thanks ma-

...I hate this game's dialogue sometimes.