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Part 20: The History of The World, by Johnny, Age 5. (A lot of other stuff)

"It's just a urinal turned sideways? Why does everyone think its art? ARGH MURDER KILL!"

He never finishes this leap.

Then some stupid conversation happens where the stilted script ruins any potential for humor and Numemon finally joins.

He opens the secret item shop, where he and three other Digimon sell special items. Numemon himself sells items that influence how much enemies battle with you, but I don't think they justify the 5000 bit price tag.

Prosperity: 45.

What does this factory even make? All I see are robots and poop.

Hey, that's pretty co-

What a buzzkill. So it's gone forever?

He says it'll take a while, but if I know anything about video games I just have to leave the room and come back, right?

I forgot this game has a time system.

So instead let's kill more time by going to Drill Tunnel.

Because at 45 prosperity, the Drimogemon who says digging is so much fun finally makes a breakthrough.

In the back is this thingy. Finn takes it with him.


Here you go! I wonder what it says.

Maybe it'll be some important information on what the fuck is going on?

He proceeds to stand around and do nothing.

Prosperity: 47.

At Mt. Panorama, the MudFrigimon stop stamping around, which means Mamemon is stamping around!

Like there was ever any doubt.

Full Power, Oh how I would love to use you just once.

Unfortunately I've never actually gotten it from this guy. Kind of a shame because he uses it all the damn time and it makes him absurdly tough. Besides that he mostly uses Megaton Punch.

Megaton Punch is a short-range attack, you'll recall. Ringo runs two long range attacks.

He's the next secret item shop guy, he sells higher-tier disks.

Prosperity: 50. I could go to the final dungeon now, but not while Factorial Town remains unresolved like this.

Near the Digital Bridge, this guy bugs you as soon as you have a secret item shop clerk.

No, we can never go to the Ninja Village.

There's a small gap in our damage output.

Ringo is amassing a small collection of nature techs I'll never use. Then again, it is the only wide-area tech he has so far...

Finn don't do that disciple thing. Ninjamon instead stands around the secret item shop and gives two canned speeches about items.

Prosperity: 52.

Now for all the backstory you'll really get.


"I now know that everyone on this island has a first-grade education."
"I'm being generous."

I guess so. Maybe it's because Ringo is the only guy badass enough to beat up the bad guys.

He proceeds to stand around and do nothing.

Prosperity: 55.

I love his fucking finisher. It deals so much damage because of his inflated offense stat.

...He proceeds to stand around and have a jukebox that crashes the game.

Prosperity: 58.

...Yeah, I think I'll just beat the game already.

You should actually be watching this in the meantime.