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Part 22: The angels are out of place really.

"You must go to the mountains for your vision qu-wait, wrong script. Hold on, here's the one I want."

Jijimon point-blank tells us that it is the final dungeon and has the final boss.

It's full of badasses, so your Digimon has to be badass itself. I wouldn't dare try it without an Ultimate of your own.

The second we step outside after that, though, Ringo gets attacked by a mysterious being!

A crazy Airdramon is attacking!

He uses high-end Air Techs, mostly favoring these two but he sometimes uses Megalo Spark.

Still no match for Ringo.

Since Centarumon is technically completely optional, he's taken to Jijimon's house instead of the clinic.

Sounds like fun!

...After I beat up this guy.

Monkies are jerks. Etemon is what monkeys call a jerk.

He forces you into a battle immediately so you have no chance to heal, kinda like Airdramon but with bigger numbers.

Of course, who cares when he's exploding.

I fucking love this finisher.

Goddammit I'll never get the 1's digit of my money right now.

Prosperity: 61. Even though technically he gets kicked out. He tries to sell Etemon's digivolution item for 50,000 bits.

Mt. Infinity is right behind the city, nice how little distance there is.

Even the music here is badass. Mt. Infinity does NOT fuck around.

I mean, there are two enemy digimon on screen right now.

I have no idea why Rockmon has that texture. The whole thing is strange.

They use Aurora Freeze a lot, if you didn't get it from WaruSeadramon.

The money here is great, though. Everything drops well over 1000 bits.

I have no idea if you can actually avoid these Vermillimon. Not that it matters, I love a good fight.

Meltdown is extremely hard to cancel and really strong at 400 power, a worthy wide-area tech if All-Range Beam is unavailable.

Of course, if you have a choice, always go with All-Range Beam. Anyway, that green depression thing is the way to the next floor. The red ones go backwards.

Well, I like it when the enemies in my final dungeons use religious iconography against me. It would make your relative moral positions less clear-cut if Digimon World had a reasonable villain.

Piddomon rarely use ConfusedStorm, and they're the only wild digimon to use it. They also fling Megalo Sparks much more frequently than ShimaUnimon.

The spot Finn runs to when that fight starts happens to be right on the downwards warp. Dammit.


Haha stupid Piddomon you can't fight me during a screen transition!

Oh thank god, Ringo has a lack of good wide-area techs so battles against three digimon are rougher than they need to be.

Finally found a fucking Omnipotent floppy. Now I can complete Mojyamon trading!

The wild Digimon are unrelenting in speech and in battle. Make no mistake, these guys are tough, with over 4000 HP and extremely high stats and strong techs and rot like that.

The treasure is immensely good, lots of chips and high-end restoratives.

Mt. Infinity has 4 boss fights. I like it.

Did Nomura design this guy? He's covered in belts...

He gets shot by lasers and looks silly and gets murdered.

But it's okay, he was just brainwashed, he's really a good guy!

I'll do it tomorrow, sheesh.