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Part 23: Fighting Cyborg-Dragons.

It was part 53 of FFVA, 39th in FFTA, and the 91st update of FFT that I fought the final bosses of those games. Digimon World manages to get in there in 20.

I could do that and dick around for 30 updates, sure, but how wants to watch me go through a dozen ultimates who do jack shit?

Did I pick Chaos by accident? There's angels and everyone I'm fighting is telling me to be obedient.

Wait, no, there's no half-demon guy telling me how cool individual choice is. Never mind, we're still Neutral.

The enemies on this floor stand still, and there's more than enough room to avoid them.

Now the angels are telling me to be obedient. I'm probably close to the final boss.

This room is a pretty strange one, you can avoid the middle part entirely.

If you do you don't run into a Megadramon.

He just sort of sits there though.

In fact he's entirely optional. But I like to fight.

Big numbers, sometimes uses DG Dimension, gets wasted like a chump.

Yeah, we did. The chip is still sitting there.

Anyway, here's the way on. We're nearly done!

Well this room is different. I wish they had more changes in scenery then just this, and a bit sooner. It really hurts the sense of progress when so much of Mt. Infinity looks the same.

Then we'll make you move!

It took me a while but it was when Ringo finally didn't block this and it dealt far too much damage to be Fire Tower that I realized it's Infinity Burn.

MetalGreymon here is the only enemy in the game to use it.

After that confusion passes MetalGreymon gets blown up. He only really uses Infinity Burn and Buster Dive, I think Megaton Punch sometimes too. Odd since MetalGreymon mostly has Mech techs.

He was the last thing before the final boss. In fact, the final boss is in the next room.

In fact, the music is titled "last room." It's a strange piece.

Oh hey there's the antagonist finally.

"Hold I'm not obviously evil enough HHHHNNNGGGG"

"Dammit I need to find some objectively wrong here HHHNNNNGGGG"

"There we go I'm unquestionably bad despite having had only six lines of dialogue."

That should also give you an idea of how heavily I'm truncating these conversations.

"Even if I do regularly yell at these guys for no reason."

Yeah, gimme your wor-

Don't gimme your worst don't gimme your worst!

He even has a fancy appearance!

He's 5% dragon, 95% machine, 100% evil!

He's Machinedramon, and he's the biggest most badass cyborg-dragon around!

I cannot tell you how happy I am that I get to fight something like this.

Also listen to that music. It's awesome and I have been waiting this entire LP to post it.

Megaton Punch, Thunder Justice, and All Range Beam. I failed to get a shot of Thunder Justice some how or other but since it's the 2nd strongest tech in the game it hurt.

Machinedramon is not a nice guy. He's using lasers and explosions almost as much as Ringo is!

Have I ever mentioned that Bug inflicts Flat at a very high rate?

Did I mention it makes a shitton of explosions at a 100% rate?

But Machinedramon has a finishing move of his own- Giga Blaster!

ouch ow oh shit ow

Let's see how YOU like it then!

My giant golden Hercules Beetle who only exists because we hacked the game is going to launch four spheres of electrical energy at the most giant and most powerful cyborg-dragon whose very soul is concentrated evil and the spheres will explode and kill it.

I hope you understand why I like Digimon sometimes.

My ones digit will never be correct, will it.

Next time: The thrilling conclusion!