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Part 24: Even the best laid plans go awry.

Yeah, he's been blown to bits. Someone call the janitor.

"Holy shit my giant cyborg-dragon got blown up by a giant beetle."

"Sure you waged a war against us and turned most of the island insane and/or evil but you can still hang out with us Analogman!"

He has a laptop in a digital realm.

I think that means he's more powerful than God now.

You... you fiend!

Blowing things up is Ringo's job!

Well it was fun, but now because he's part of the background and not a model there is no way we can stop him.

"We never expected this crazy plan to work anyway."

Magic begins happening. Or something.

Oh great Life Energy doing inexplicable things again. I thought I was done with that.

"You're such nice g-"

What could've happened that made him make that face!?

A wyrm popping out of a wormhole. Not the strangest thing today.

Everything explodes or something?!

Because dissenting opinions got lasers and the bad guy died violently.

Peace is peace, I guess.

Digimon Adventure said that 1 day in the real world is 1 year in the digital world. Finn has been here nearly 24 real world-hours.

"But I'm so dirt-poor I live in a cardboard box."

"I raised a tiger-wolf and a golden Hercules Beetle and I shot down several cyborg-dragons."

That apparently means saving.

And Finn leaves the Digital World...

There's an ending CGI animation. I of course don't care since the save was a while ago.

Of course, just because I beat the last boss doesn't mean Finn's adventure is over!