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Part 25: The first trip was so grand I had to have another one!

Sprite141 posted:

But yes, that's perfect. I mean, who at that age says something like grand?

This update has no new music so instead listen to this the entire time.

"Okay jeez Ringo calm down, we'll make Mamemon tell some stupid story about Analogman or something. Just don't blow us up."

We get some stuff for beating the game, this is the only one with any impact on gameplay.

Medals are useless allocades telling you that you have wasted your time doing something. A lot of them are for tournaments and fuck those.

A card that does nothing!

I have beaten the game and I'm still just a beginner. I'd say it's a statement on the long road to becoming a Digimon master but 1) the answer is max stats and Megalo Spark and 2) tamer levels are only handed out on Digivolutions. Very rarely.

Low-poly model. Woo.

The Machinedramon is a dynamic card to have stuck onscreen.

Anyway there's something on top of Mt. Infinity waiting for us. Again.

Compared to last time, since the bosses have all been defeated it's pretty mundane. Instead more wild digimon take up residence.

The perspective makes dodging these three probably impossible. You don't run parallel to the lines on the block.

MetalGreymon's room is empty, at least.

In the middle of the Last Room is an egg.

I have no idea why you'd assume that. Then again Digimon rebirth is a poorly explored subject as your partner is the only digimon with a finite lifespan.

Is he inherently evil just as Machinedramon was? Or is it that this game has poor writing and they couldn't really find an excuse to have us fight a Digitamamon.

Confused Storm. This makes quite a few bosses that use it.

Still just Piddomon rarely on the wild Digimon list.

Meltdown, which looks pretty impressive in this zoomed out, fairly high perspective.

And finally a good shot of Thunder Justice, which, of course, hits like a goddamn truck.

A truck that's carrying electric righteousness.

Still, Ringo's no slouch.

He just wordlessly joins and Finn asks no questions. Huh.

Well, I think it looks interesting. You can just sit here and admire the backgrounds with me or get out!

what do you mean my entire audience vanished?

A quick save because Digitamamon's important to a later exploit.

"They all suck at fighting, you see."

A bonus dungeon, the Back Dimension, has appeared in of three possible locations.

...In all three of which I have unfinished business.

Both trips to Mt Infinity netted me two Champions and three Ultimates. What's left is mostly Ultimates too. I guess I'll have to round up the rest of these guys somehow.