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Part 26: Beetle Adventures

I don't get another keychain for the second meeting, sadly. I'll have to find him in all 5 places for that.

...Okay, I am finally on the last leg of this shit.

Maybe I should drop some of this stuff off. I don't like my inventory being so full of chips.

Of course, immediately afterward my inventory explodes in a radically different stupid way.

I'm finishing up Mojyamon trading. I get this guy the stuff he wants first because he's the only one I'll ever trade with. The last Mojyamon you trade with is the one who joins the city. The other two sit around.

...Did I forget a super carrot? Dammit!

At least I finally use the Happy Mushroom I've been hoarding since Amida Forest. The Hair Grower is Mojyamon's digivolution item.

If I'm going back to town, might as well have something to show of it.

Okay I'm back here you go sheesh.

I can buy all of these at town, so this guy has little value.

Prosperity: 76. Now that I've finished trading, the remaining Mojyamon start dancing a lot. What this means for the folks at home is

I get stuck in them now. Luckily an Auto-Pilot solves everything.

Ah finally, the last flag on this whole crop circle business!

And then the alien shows up.

Vademon is the only Digimon to have both Nature and Mech techs, and is one of three digimon to learn bug, along with Piximon and good ol' Herc.

He's sitting in a UFO because of the difficulty of rendering tentacles.

Is that laziness, or a genuine concern? I don't know, I'm stalling for time here so I can get on to the next thing.

Prosperity: 77.

He randomly shows up in the restaurant and serves dishes that raise all stats.

Anyway, time to stunlock a fucker.

Sure it's been weeks. And Ringo isn't Jake. And it's not even 4 PM. Garurumon here doesn't care too much.

This battle is fought with no prompts to the AI and you can't fling healing items.

This doesn't matter when Ringo keeps him stunned with Green Trap and gets hit only once.

Prosperity: 79.

He's the last normal chef.

I change screens a couple dozen times here, finding 3 orange bananas in the process.

But now, it's time for the rematch.

He gets stunned by Green Trap and pummeled to death.

If you haven't noticed I love these techs that stun frequently.

Prosperity: 82.

Changing screens even more. Woo hoo.

It's next year when MetalMamemon finally shows up.

Or at least I thought it was MetalMamemon. The text box credits him as MetalGreymon and no one will ever know why.

Speaking of MetalGreymon and name confusion, MetalGreymon's finisher is Giga Scissor Claw, an attack of HerculesKabuterimon. It should be Giga Blaster.

Is this what I think it is?


Pulse Laser isn't half-bad. Probably the most MP-efficient Mech tech since the stronger ones are wide-area. MetalMamemon is the only guy who uses it.

Ringo wins laser fights on account of his nearly 900 offense and his glorious golden exoskeleton protecting him from harm.

Prosperity: 85

He, uh...

He manages the Curling rink if you get a perfect 10 against Penguinmon.

I have no idea either.

...Dammit. How long do I have to wait?

So I decide to collect some nature techs since Ringo learns all 8. This here is Insect Plague.

...Which Ringo already has.

So I decide to get Mass Morph, it increases defense and speed, useful for future tech hunting.

In order to properly utilize it, Ringo needs individual tech commands.

Insane prices.

Not too terrible stat gains, though.

Oh Etemon, you silly guy.

Of course, it's Etemon's Digivolution item.

Then again Etemon digivolves from Sukamon who is kinda hard to get if you're properly raising your Digimon.

It's 50,000 bits. No thanks.

The last nature tech Ringo has yet to learn is, ironically, the first one we saw.

And that's all of them! Just three techs left!

Now I'll probably have to fight this pair a couple dozen ti-

...Well that was easy.

You makin' fun of my beetle, chump?

-"dFrigimon dropped MediumRecovery" yeah it's happened twice now.

...Now he can flex his glorious golden muscles.

A 30% boost to offense. Unfortunately you can't buff past 999 so it is mostly useless to Ringo beyond the style.

This 50,000-bit item is worth it though. The Training Manual further increases stat gains from training.

Now lets bug the secret item shop.

Numemon sells items that do something or other and I don't care because 1) I can dodge wild Digimon with ease 2) What can't Ringo obliterate?

I buy the Rest Pillow from Mojyamon since it improves resting and it's not like those inventory slots are going to anything better.

The Health Shoe is dumb because walking is painfully slow and it only recovers 1 HP and MP per step. It's an immense waste of time.

Mamemon sells higher-tier disks. Why bother when I'm already covered in stat boosting techs?

Devilmon sells... devil chips.

200 stats and a low price point! What could go wrong?

What could go wrong is that they cut an entire day of lifespan. Useful if you're needing to max stats fast for something really quick or for killing your partner off fast for whatever reason. Ringo doesn't deserve such a grim fate though. He's much too awesome.

He gives you a wall of text. Two of them if you talk to him again.

Not completely terrible, but I'm not going to recreate that luck that led to my WaruMonzaemon card, am I?

He clips through Yuramon. I'm not sure what I was expecting to happen when I told him to go to sleep over it really.

Motherfucker you are cheating me out of my sirloin! It's past midnight dammit!

After another trading loop I'm fairly sure I have the money to do whatever I want to do.

That includes FINALLY learning Buster Dive.

Ringo can use two techs that have the same power. This is minor since Digimon have different resistances to different tech categories.

What isn't minor is that Ringo's Buster Dive is a spinning horn drill.

He is the drill that will pierce the heavens.

Yeah fuck you Guardromon my beetle is the...

...Best? It's hanging on this frame, which means...

Oh no.

Not even his golden muscles can save him from the passage of time.

And he was such a fun beetle, too.

Once again we get a new egg, and the cycle begins anew.

I hope you guys trust me enough to leave the rest in my hands. We're going to have to have very specific Digimon selections in order to finish this up in a timely manner.

And the quickest way there is through this Yuramon.

Still, he needs a name, a name befitting the legacies of Jake and Ringo.

And the fact that several different exploits will be used to raise him to a height of power previously only imagined by mortals. You know, no biggie there. Same naming rules as usual apply, mostly remember the 6 character limit.