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Part 27: The Rerebirth

The Rerebirth

it loses some oomph after the first time.

I find this easiest to do with the pink egg and Yuramon. It wouldn't be hard with literally anything else, just a lot more boring.

Well, the name did have over 50% of the vote. A clear majority.

Due to Ringo's higher stats and our Tamer level of 2, Django is born with slightly better stats than what Ringo had at his birth. In fact, they're percentages of Ringo's, you can tell from the inflated offense.

He also kept all 23 of Ringo's techs, despite that only about 3 of them will ever see use.

I hope this doesn't bite me in the ass with bonus conditions. Shouldn't be an issue though.

OFS 3 days from now posted:

Why the hell do I keep getting Vegiemon!?

Anyway moving on...

Django already has a task to fulfill.

Die miserably of hypothermia.

Slide whistles as the frigid reaper takes your partner, yup.

I have no idea if Ringo could do this, since HerculesKabuterimon doesn't actually like the cold.

Oh, Django will digivolve all right. He'll digivolve beyond your wildest dreams.