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Part 28: I wish ReggaePlantmon was real. (Fresh to Champion)

Django you are a dumb and you need to be a smart.

Mostly because Palmon requires brains. It's halfway through punching him that I realize that Betamon requires stats too.

Luckily it's about then he Digivolves so I have a little time to look up Betamon and he needs defense. You escape punching.

For now.

Anyway now he's a Tanemon which has very little practical difference for what I am attempting.

Dammit Tanemon, you sleep funny.

Well Django, you have several problems in your quest to becoming a great plant. First off, you have no roots. You actually seem to be some sort of animal creature, in fact. Also, you're not prerendered so if you get too big the modelers will run out of money. You did see what they did to Cherrymon, right?

...R.I.P. Cherrymon's mustache.

I take along my pile of Super Carrots for weight management shenanigans.

I do have a Jakeworth of chips, but I won't be using them at the moment.

A Jakeworth as in there's as many points in those chips as Jake had.

Sorry Django but something seems to be happening since the HUD won't appear so you'll just have to hold it.

The good thing about Digivolution is that it erases needs and tiredness and stuff.

His entire face blows off at once. It was kind of funny after it takes forever on his feet and stem.

Probably because his face is a much simpler polygon. His feet have individual claws you know.

If my commentary seems off it's because this part is boring as hell and it's mostly a formality for me at this point.

He gets a few nature techs from Ringo's impressive collection and the ice techs that Jake didn't pick up, excluding Aurora Freeze because that's for the cool kids apparently.

Sometimes I love you Vegiemon.

Django suddenly comes down with a case of the Tapeworms.

This actually isn't a problem at all as I want him light.

It's a fucking portable potty. It has a duck head on it. It's not that scary. You dramatic flower.

...I totally remembered this place is here and I've been systematically ignoring it.

...Ha, the game's finally caught on.

The Beetle Cup is just a more obtuse version of the regular tournaments. They're all over the place with similar restrictions and similar hatred for you.

The machine is by the entrance. It's as prerendered as everything else is.

Registration is as ass-backwards too.

Nope, Django has too much destiny for a tournament.

The curling rink is downstairs. The entry fee is a fish.

I guess he uses his connections with God or whatever Airdramon do.


But Ringo died just 3 days ago...

They can't all be winners.

You will be a mighty plant under my stewardship!

I can't let MP over 1000, or he'll threaten to become a Vegiemon, especially since he's meeting the 21 techs bonus condition by having Ringo's giant fucking collection.

Palmon is the only thing that can become Ninjamon, for some reason.

For even stranger reasons he can become a coelacanth.

Now I have to reload because I used that card-getting-stuck glitch to do this.

Hit you with a truck for never being here when I needed an Omnipotent floppy for trading.

A rare. Nice.

Why I'm bothering now is beyond me. I'm probably never going to trade for chips again.

Really late for a champion digivolution. I hope nothing goes wrong...

Okay, things are going right.

Yup, I this gets me my Wha

Well I