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Part 29: The chicken farmer smiles, a single tear falling down his cheek.

Right so last time

last time posted:

So let's fix that.

...Dammit. Digivolution items aren't helping.

Numemon's only attack is...

I'll be blunt it's farting.

He even walks strange, only moving in bounding leaps. What the hell do I do with this thing?

...Oh, right, what I was planning this entire time.

I needed a Numemon to do what I needed to do, since he's the only Digimon that can become Monzaemon through the event in Toy Town which is the only way to complete that area.

More than that, I need a virus-type to complete Greylord's Mansion, and Numemon here is a virus-type.

But now that he's hungry, I can enact the final step of my plan.

It's using this guy.

This guy.

He serves eggs.

They increase all stats.

Not bad when your very pitiful existence cuts stats by a fifth.

But there's something else at work here. An obvious programming oversight.

There's nothing stopping you from eating again. And you get the same stat boosts. As long as you have the money, you can get as many +2 to everything as you want.

I have well over 650,000 bits.

...That is until I spend so much time doing this that Django naturally gets hungry again and then the meals end up poor.

Oh well, Time for plan B.

Did I mention the Jakeworth of chips?

Huh, I wonder what that medal is for?


Yeah, after well over 400 boiled eggs I suppose a potty break would be nice.

Anyway, I'm off to Trash Mountain to fetch some Filth techs.

Remember what I said about this guy way back when?

Yeah, I'll be needing that.


Still not very strong, so it'll take a while to kill much of anything, but Django attacks really fast from a range so most anything will just be stuck in hitstun all day. If it poisons they're just completely fucked by the walking speed decrease and passive damage.

Oh did I mention his 999 defense? He's nearly impervious to the few attacks that get through. Everything here is dealing 1 damage.

Says the guy who's getting shat on to death.

Next, is some wide-area techs from Factorial Town.

Like this one, it flings turds all over the battlefield.

It's... something, but it's not much. We need to bug someone more important.

This PlatinumSukamon. This particular one.

He, and no other Digimon uses this attack.

It is literally named Ultimate Poop Hell and it is the strongest Filth Tech.

I think we're ready for an adventure.