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Part 31: Gentlemen, Behold!

A dying vampire!

Oh okay, what kind?

Well that's easy enough.

Except we need a specific kind of meat for this to work.

He flops right back down when we're done talking to him. It's kinda funny to look at.

The fridge only contains a note.

A cryptic hint made more cryptic by its direct reference to a gameplay mechanic!

The dumb one is Bakemon and the Steak is just... sitting there now.

He sits up in an invisible chair using his vampire magic.

Or maybe they just didn't want to model him in three poses so they just used his sitting pose and said good enough.

So he skids along while still sitting (what, model him walking? No way!) and sets a prerendered banquet.

Holy shit that chair is huge or Django is tiny.

Myotismon makes a lot of references to his "men" but the only inhabitants of the mansion are Soulmon, Tsukaimon, and DarkRizamon and they're wild before and after the scenario here.

And he gets so wrapped in his research he starves if they don't help him.

Finn mentions the city and how everyone can help.

So they'll just come over and fight shit to feel better about themselves.

He won't tell us either. Bummer.

Let's go back to town and...

That... was fast.

I mean looking at the time stamps here it's only 45 seconds later, and that's with two screen transitions.

Besides aren't vampires kinda ageless? Let's go and ask him what's up.


Well shit.

Once you see both of those and try to leave, something happens.

Something that expects me to do this before Mt. Infinity, it seems.

Yeah, I think the game expects you to do literally everything but Mt. Infinity before Mt. Infinity.

I couldn't have let Ringo die before getting Digitamamon first, though, or Django The Great here couldn't have been crafted.

Anyway he taunts us and leaves now the strange sealed door on the bottom right of this screen is unsealed.

And it leads to an elevator. To another secret lab.

The guy has like three fucking secret labs. I think he has a fetish.

This side of a fork in the path has three DarkRizamon. They're dumb and boring and I hate them so I'll ignore them.

On the other side is a robot with a cutlass.

Hey wait a second.

I didn't know he used Full Potential.

I think that's Reverse Prog, meaning Delete Prog, the exploding code one, is the one you should get from Giromon if you want all the mech techs without training brains. Keep in mind you'll still need a Virus Digimon to get in here. MetalGreymon, Vademon, and Megadramon all qualify for this.

Of course he gets stunlocked by poop and dies. That happens to everyone who fights Django.

He's passed out again. Bummer.

Of course I have to ask what the fuck he was doing back here.

I have no idea which answer will not have the giant skeleton dragon kill me.

That gives Django here clearance to murder it.

Which he does by...

Wait for it...

Stunlocking him with Poop Spd Toss.

The guy got one hit in, which barely nicked Django's incredible form.

SkullGreymon just sort of vanishes after that.

And this means we've finally solved the mystery of the Grey Lord's Mansion.

Or something.

Yeah he's working in the secret item shop in town now.

He just got a big beaker of and poured it all over Myotismon's science.

Myotismon never joins.

SkullGreymon does, though, and we get no more than three prosperity for this trip.