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Part 33: Well if the roof is made of Legos which are made of ice I guess it'll melt so you can put a guy in the chair. (Ice Sanctuary)

We're off to Freezeland now that we have a vaccine-type Digimon. This area is sort of a counterpart to the mansion, since it requires the opposite type.

Yes, I know, Jake was a vaccine but he was also to weak to not die here.

It's the Ice Sanctuary this sign is helpfully pointing out for us.

Anyone an architecture nerd here?

I kinda want to know what style this place is built in.

Well the outside anyway. The inside is a mess.

The music even fits the vaccine-only quality.

The statue and block are not prerendered. Also an angel statue in a setting otherwise devoid of them is probably important.

Django goes with plan A of shoving things. It works.

Now we're in the meat of the Sanctuary.

Also these guys are datas. Cheaters.


The way on is to the right, in a somewhat hidden path.

Speaking of the which, I love the aesthetics here. It's not easy to combine cold, sacred, and computer, but it does a fine job with it.

Every wall meets in a right angle, so every room is composed of orderly squares and rectangles. The light coloring suggests both the coldness of the ice and a sense of purity and cleanliness, and the circuit board design prevents it from getting boring and repetitive.

Anyway I forget what's down but to the right is the way on so who cares, there's only one real thing to get here.

It's a teleporter. It teleports you.

This is a sort of gauntlet of battles since the hallway is too narrow to avoid them..

LIT3 defeats Garland swiftly.

Bad luck? Let me tell you about it. First Jake's weight inexplicably drops to 1, Then I cannot get him a tech better than Ice Needle for hours, then I come up 80 bits short of the Monochrome shop the first time, then it takes me like 4 hours to fish up Seadramon only to find out that I forgot to take any screenshots of it, then I fail to get the Ultimate everyone voted for, having to hack the game to find out what's up, then it takes me 4 more hours to find Piximon, then 4 MORE to find MetalMamemon...

But, yeah, from this point on the RNG cannot stop me.

There's supposed to be a Gururumon here but he got caught in that fight so he's six feet under too.

BlueMeramon spams prominence beam like his life depends on it. Okay maybe it does but he rarely uses Giga Freeze or Ice Statue because of it.

There's four teleporters in this room. Three will take you back to the entrance.

Well now you've caught the lightning death.

This one, in the upper-right, is the correct one.

The last challenge is beating these guys up.

I wonder how this place hasn't melted from all this lightning?

Free lunch.

...How crude, Django. I thought you were abo-

Oh, right, you're a shit-flinging mollusk inside of a bear costume that flings thunderbolts and is invulnerable. I shouldn't think about it.

Anyway there's a white spot with 3 frames of animation. Step on it and

No kidding, chief.

Knowing what I know, it's probably Metatron.

Don't worry, Django can take eye lasers to the face.

That's our cue to return to the entrance of the sanctuary.

I'm afraid of breaking the scripting with an auto-pilot, though.

So I'll take one of the false transporters to get out.

Well you're rerouted through a training area first. Django was perfect before digivolving so it is of no use to me.

Anyway here's some stairs.

There's some treasure let's get it and


Just a bit south of that guy is this familiar face.

It's kind of totally gone.

Oh god it's going to cast Mahamaon and kill me!

Oh, whew, he's on my side.

He speaks slightly fancily. It's a break from Huh? Wow!

Prosperity: 97.

Notice how close it is to 100?

What Angemon does is give you hints about guys you are missing. He doesn't say anything about Nanimon so all that's left is Frigimon.

...Oh, right, that.

"Over around 460 boiled eggs and a lot of shit."

"I'd rather not talk about it."

Prosperity: 99.

He's the last regular chef, so every store in Flie Island is fully operational and stocked now since Nanimon doesn't actually do anything once he joins.