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Part 35: Farewell to Digimon World! (Back Dimension)

Ice Sanctuary and Grey Lord's Mansion are normal, meaning the bonus dungeon is sitting at Ogre's Fortress.

It's called the Back Dimension. It's the roughest, toughest place in the digital world.

Extra Mt. Infinity maps they made but didn't use? Did they just like this style so much they had to have 3 more screens of it?

Also the Piddomon does try to engage Finn but since he's talking it doesn't do anything.

Speaking of this Piddomon they use Confused Storm.

So I get one of Monzaemon's two wide-area techs.

Vademon's digivolution item. I'm pretty sure this is the only one.

I go through all that work to get Confused Storm only to never fight multiple Digimon. Huh.

Everything here just has so much HP. I don't know why.

Oh hey, this BlueMeramon.

Same glitch as that ClearAgumon. He won't hush. Those PCs are hard to plunder because of it.

Before you say anything, I've only ever seen this Tekkamon use battle techs.

These laid-off Rockmon are the same as the ones at Mt. Infinity.

Some Tankmon too, I think they use Buster Dive now instead of just a general stat increase.

Damn I have a lot of stuff I don't need.

Anyway, I said three screens. So what's at the 4th?

The... Ogre Fortress again?

But wait, what are Analogman and Machinedramon doing here?!

I don't think he knows either.

Considering that he promptly vanishes. No time to wonder though, Machinedramon's still here and he's pissed!

Behold! A video of this glorious clash of mighty titans!

After the fight something strange happens.

Machinedramon's body turns into a very harmless and very confused Digimon.

Finn decides not to question the writing of this game. He's finally got it.

Beating Machinedramon in the Back Dimension opens him up in the two-player battle, with the same stats as the Digimon that beat him. His techs are Megaton Punch, Thunder Justice, and All-Range Beam.

You will, for 22 days.

I'm not kidding. The Back Dimension shows back up in one of the three spots in twenty-two days.

For our hard work we get a Chain Melon, which increases lifespan by a whole day. A fitting reward.

And that's a-


One thing left to do, now that the Back Dimension is gone.

The fifth time you see Nanimon, he drops a second Digital Keychain and runs off to File City this time.

30 total inventory slots. How many could you possibly need? I worked just fine with 20.

Not very easy, considering there's three random Ultimates and so many random triggers and shit.

Ah, hungry, Django? I would guess you would be, what with beating the bonus boss.

Not a terrible meal.

Let's take a final look at everything.

Perfect all around, per usual. Virtually unstoppable, strong enough to move mountains, swift as the rain, and has 7 Master's degrees.

28 techs, with Muscle Charge hidden. Enough to meet most Champion's tech bonus conditions. Counting what MetalRingo got, that's 40 techs learned over the course of this LP.

I didn't buy much after spending 400,000 on boiled eggs.

Well, that's that. Only one thing left to do.

Get a card stuck on screen!

Talk to Giromon!


Thanks for watching!