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Digimon World Re:Digitize

by Another Person, mikeycp

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Original Thread: Digimon World Re:Digitize - Once More into the Meat Farm



Alternate title: 3D Ghost Leg

What the hell is this?
Digimon World Re:Digitize is more or less an update and a remake of the original Digimon World. For years this game was only available in Japanese, but no longer! A full English translation patch has come out, and that’s what we will be sharing with you all. AP and I were waiting in bated breath for the final release, and it has finally arrived, so we are going to give it a full run and see what this game is all about.

But we’ve seen Digimon World already.
This is true. Orange Fluffy Sheep did an insane, game-breaking SSLP, and RunButton is doing a VLP right now. But this is different. This has new Digimon (up through Savers, I believe), some new mechanics, a new plot, and let’s not forget the ANIME CUTSCENES.

Long story short, it’s only the same game as the original at the base level.

Who are you?
Mikeycp and me, Another Person (AP for short), make up Game Kiwi, an in-joke turned into a real thing. I live in Wales, and he lives somewhere on the West Coast of the US. We’ve been streaming together for a while now and wanted to give doing non-live videos a shot. We try to talk about the game as much as we can, but we might veer off-topic if we hit a wall of training at that 3D Ghost Leg machine. We’re just out to hang out and have some fun! We hope you’ll join us in that!

When will you release?
This first week it will only be this one, but in the future we are going try to have bi-weekly releases, shooting for Tuesday/Friday. Things may come up and disrupt things, but we’ll do our best!

Anything else you have to say for yourselves?
Just a bit more.

We haven’t seen much of this game at time of recording, so we’re going in with about as little information as most of you. That said, if you do know more, let’s keep spoilers to a minimum. Little stuff is fine, but let’s not go blabbing any potential plot things in the thread.

AP will be taking the controls while Mikey takes the role of co-host, and probable expert on Digimon, having seen most of the seasons, making him more likely to recognise some of the newer guys than me, AP.

We will be having a bit audience of participation in this LP! When we get new Digimon we will take suggestions from the thread and will name it whichever we like best.

And last, but not least, here is the full opening cutscene translated into English, just in case you were wondering what was actually happening in that cutscene

Other than that, please sit back enjoy Digimon World Re:Digitize.
Together I’m sure we’ll have an excellent Digimon Adventure!


Full playlist

Episode 1 - Black Smoke - Remastered
Episode 2 - Bus Nerd - Remastered
Episode 3 - The Rematch - Remastered
Episode 3.5 - "BELIEVER"
Episode 4 - It's Poop Time
Episode 5 - Gym Rat
Episode 6 - Digi-merican Gladiator
Episode 6.5 EXTRA - Digimon World 2
Episode 7 - Dappermon
Episode 8 - Rocks in the Pond
Episode 9 - The Longest Montage
Episode 10 - 1 stone is 14 Pounds
Episode 11 - Pull Harder
Episode 12 - Bad Directions
Episode 13 - The Search for Palmon
Episode 14 - It's a Log
Episode 15 - 'Found' Tsukaimon, at Last
Episode 16 - Never Ask AP for Directions
Episode 17 - Welcome to Fetchquest Ruins
Episode 18 - Sega Bass Fishing
Episode 19 - MarineAngemon is the Worst
Episode 20 - The Greatest Japanese Dramatist
Episode 21 - Buff Patamon
Episode 21.5 - The Coliseum Episode
Episode 22 - Countdown to Disappointment
Episode 23 - The View from Disappointment Hill
Episode 23.99 - INSANITY BABY
Episode 24 - Sewer Shark
Episode 25 - File City Scholar
Episode 26 - Stylin' n Profilin'
Episode 27 - Backtrack Chapters
Episode 28 - Garbo Dad
Episode 29 - Territory Tension
Episode 29.5 - Digimon Masters Online
Episode 30 - Tag Champs
Episode 31 - Clone Wars
Episode 32 - Yamaguchi-gumi
Episode 33 - Daily Grind
Episode 34 - Revenge
Episode 35 - Finland
Episode 36 - Weakness
Episode 37 - Roids
Episode 38 - A Contender
Episode 39 - V.I.P.
Episode 39.1225 - Merry Christmas
Episode 40 - Solo AP
Episode 41 - A Trash Tier Tourney
Episode 42 - Butt Cam
Episode 42.1 - Skip This
Episode 42.2 - Still Skippable
Episode 42.3 - Final Skippable
Episode 43 - Run the Gauntlet
Episode 44 - Down to the Wire
Episode 45 - Dragonlord
Episode 46 - Roundup Pt. 1
Episode 47 - Roundup Pt. 2

I hope you find this entertaining and follow along as we play through the game!

by Rose Spirit

by Daigerus
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