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Original Thread: Hope this is not Regina's blood... Let's Play Dino Crisis! [VLP]


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What is this?
We're going to be playing the PlayStation version of the original Dino Crisis game. This game was released on August 31, 1999 in the States. It was developed by Capcom, which is obvious because the game plays pretty much exactly like the original Resident Evil games. In fact, Dino Crisis was released between Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. It includes a demo for Nemesis in the package, so this likely only existed to hold people over until Nemesis came out. Regardless, the game has done quite well and has sold over 2.4 million copies (as well as spawned numerous sequels).

Who are you guys?

What can I expect from this LP?
TouchNfoaM is the only one of us who has ever played this game before, and he has informed us that he remembers absolutely nothing about it. Warning! As you may already know, this is not an informational LP. You'll be experiencing the game as we do! The game features 2 difficulty settings off the bat if you haven't beaten it yet: Easy and Normal. We will naturally be playing on Normal.

You guys missed (example missing) secret!
We have never played this before and are literally stumbling through it. You may laugh and stare in awe at how oblivious we can sometimes be. If you know everything about this game, you may even get mad. Feel free to nerdrage if needed; we could definitely use the hints.

How often will you be updating?
We try to get together once a week to record a handful of episodes so that we can bring you a steady flow of 2 to 4 episodes a week. Of course nothing is set in stone here, but that's the basic idea we will be trying to follow. Individual episodes will likely be 20 to 30 minutes in length, depending on the availability of save points. Now that we've recorded a bit, we've taken a liking to organizing episodes by what we've accomplished in-game.


Episode 1
Part 1: The Dinocologist is Veoh
Part 2: Unless They Figured Out How to Open Veoh
Episode 2
Part 1: Grown Adults Screaming Like Veoh
Part 2: The Men Who Stare at  
Episode 3
Part 1: Why Not Just Have 3 Straight Pipes?  
Part 2: This is Just Like That  
Episode 4
Part 1: Nothing  
Part 2: Guys, We Have the L  
Episode 5
Part 1: Suck on Red, Bitch!  
Episode 6
Part 1: TouchNfoaM is  
Episode 7
Part 1: The Code Did Not  
Episode 8
Part 1: It's Compy Wegame
Episode 9
Part 1: New Enemies, New Dereks, Old Wegame
Episode 10
Episode 11
Part 1: No Dinosaur Wegame
Episode 12
Part 1: Let's Play Dino Crisis! Wegame
Episode 13
Part 1: Regina Custom® Wegame
Episode 14
Part 1: Nothing Happens, Part Wegame
Part 2: You Have to Activate the Generator Wegame
Episode 15
Part 1: Metal Gear!? Wegame
Episode 16
Part 1: High Five, Wegame
Part 2: Life Found a Wegame

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