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Part 2: The Lancia STratos

(I must apologise, I came down with the flu so my nose got backed up and now my voice is all weird)
The Lancia Stratos is a lot of things: It's pretty, it's deadly, it's a lot of fun. From a game design stand-point it shouldn't even be here, it's like if they put the fight against Metal Gear ZEKE right after Blade Wolf. Sure, it's a lot of fun, but it might be a bit premature. In the video I try to explain how to account for its weight transfer, but you also need to know about the traction circle.

(shamelessly taken from this article on (again)

The traction circle is a nice graphical representation of how forces can be enacted on one tire or many. In the best conditions, you can either push the accelerator or brake completely down, or you can turn the steering wheel as far as it goes in either direction. The force vectors for doing that stay within the circle.

Combine two of those force vectors and you'll go outside that circle, that particular wheel stops moving as fast as the ground below, it loses traction. If you want to keep grip you have to use gentler steering or get off the pedal. Of course, you might WANT to get the back end further out in the turn, and for that it can help to get the back wheels outside the traction circle, but we're talking about the Stratos. Don't try to force oversteer in the Stratos, that's usually a bad idea.