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Part 3: Rallycross 1600s

Always nice to see more people getting interested in this game, because it really is a good'un. Oh, would you look at the time? It's about time for
I'm not ruling out revisiting Rallycross because the Supercars are very different from the 1600s.

Rallycross is so far the only part of this game where there are opponent cars on the same road as you.

I touched on the PIT maneuver in the video, which was apparently invented by american cops somewhere in Virginia. It's still applicable to Rallycross because you force the other car to face the opposite way, losing them several places in the race. At no point are you penalised for touching other cars in Rallycross, and doing so is often very much in your favour. Experiment with throwing your own car's weight around, find ways to put that weight on other cars - it'll help you go faster and make others go slower. The other cars WILL crash into you (if you don't believe me: I recorded over 2 hours of footage and most of that is me getting fucked over by opponents coming out of nowhere to ram into me) so there's really no reason to feel bad for having a crash or ten if it gets you to first.