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by Great Joe

Part 8: F2 Kit Cars

In the mid-to-late '90s, with Group B out of the way, the fastest times in the World Rally Championship were being set by Group A cars on dirt and F2 Kit Cars on the tarmac. The FIA 2-litre World Rally Championship had pretty lax restrictions on engines, and since turbos were still a bit early this gave F2 Kit Cars a bit of an edge on Group As. Both of the F2 Kit Cars on offer in Dirt Rally are in an FF configuration, so a healthy dose of handbrake doesn't hurt for getting through the tighter corners. As soon as you've gotten into oversteer, the front tires just kinda pull you into the turn, really. The '90s are also when rally teams started really really caring about suspension, so both cars have pretty nice and forgiving handling, even for FF cars.