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by Great Joe

Part 10: 2000s

The 2007 Ford Focus RS Rally is a bit different from the home version, the biggest difference is that it's four-wheel drive! Yeah, the home version only comes in front-wheel drive and that's it. It's a pretty fun car to drive, especially for its class. It continues the trend of cars getting more stable and manageable with suspensions and driving assists becoming more complex to the point that going into oversteer by just flooring the accelerator isn't really an option. The handbrake also becomes less useful as time goes on, you really have to learn to left-foot brake to get good, consistent results. The uneven demands on torque in Sweden do make it impossible to rely on anything but a manual transmission; you will spin out any time you hit a snow bank unless you gear down aggressively, and you won't have control on powdered snow unless you stay at the upper-middle of the rev range.