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Dirt Rally

by Great Joe

Part 12: Mop-up

This is a stream recording I did with my buddy Ceciltron, showing off three cars I felt got left out a bit: The Renault Alpine A110, which is the only absolutely rear-engined car in this game, the Lancia 037, which was their first foray into Group B before dominating with their various Deltas and finally the Citroen DS 3, just to show off some gameplay in the Rallycross Supercars. Looking back I maybe shouldn't have set the opponents to Very hard considering I hadn't fully upgraded it, but here we are.

I'll be leaving this thread open for three days before locking it and sending it off to Baldurk. Thanks to everyone who posted, also to those who just lurked and watched, and a special thanks to everybody who came in to co-commentate.