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Discworld Noir

by Bacter

Part 3: The docks of Ankh-Morpork

Alright, my droogs. Decision time.


In VLP format. Thanks to some tech support advice from Mzbundifund, I've added about 10 new cards to the house of cards I use to record discworld noir, BUT this means I can now capture audio and video.

Which means I can make this a VLP! Or not.

The voice acting is superb
You'll get updates faster, because this is much faster to do
Despite the character models creeping me out, the game is very pretty, and seeing the rain fall really helps it

You don't have to watch a video

SO: If it was up to me, I'd make this a VLP starting now. Unless there's a big outcry! If that's the case, I can go back to SSLP.

Also, please note that I'd like input on where we go next, Octarine Parrot or Cafe Ankh. VOTE ON BOTH, SUCKERS! FOR THE WATCH!