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Part 4: Angels with Ugly Faces

Shucks, thanks!


Bacter/Anoia commentary version!

Management would like to make the following notations:

I'm very happy to have long-time commentator, mega-nerd, and LP-buddy Anoia along for the ride on this one.

We... tried to only talk between dialogue and cutscenes and such, but that wasn't happening, so I just made two videos. If you want to see what happens in this chapter, without distraction, click on the banner. Anoia and my banter video is the hyperlink below it, so click there to experience both the game and our thoughts!

If it's something people would value, I can do a solo commentary on this video too, to have one in the same style as the other videos. Lemme know for next time!

ALSO: It is another decision time, droogs! Are we gonna investigate SAPPHIRE, REGIN, or CARLOTTA'S ALIBI?

One of these choices leads to the best character in the game. No pressure.