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Part 1: Demon Summoning 101

Hello everyone, this is Feinne welcoming you to Let's Play Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories. Disgaea 2 is a sequel to Disgaea: Hour of Darkness in both gameplay and indirectly in story. It takes place shortly after the original Disgaea, although we won't immediately see the connection between the two games. Here's just a few of Disgaea 2's improvements over the original:

Higher Graphic Quality: Disgaea 2 features higher quality sprites and better backgrounds than the original Disgaea. The attack animations are more lavish and varied, and there're several short animated segments (the opening song and a bonus in the extra stages).

Altered Class Mix: Numerous classes were introduced, eliminated, and altered between the two games in both the human and monster classes. For example, Ronins, Angels, and Recruits are no longer included. A standard gun using class was added, as well as a sword specialist that isn't as versatile and a magic/melee hybrid kunoichi class. Thieves got a gender change are are overall much more effective than they were in Disgaea, and Magic Knights became one of the strongest classes in Disgaea 2. As we unlock new classes I'll give a brief description and go over how they differ from their Disgaea counterparts.

Altered Weapons: The weapon balance was altered significantly, which I will discuss in greater detail early on.

Passive Class Bonuses: All human and monster classes including the main characters get a special passive bonus, which helps differentiate classes that all too often were very similar. For example, male Skulls learn magic faster while female Witches get cheaper spells.

There're plenty of other large and small differences that I will discuss as they come up in the course of the game.

As with my previous Disgaea thread, I will be taking recruits from the thread. As slots in my roster open up I'll describe the new improved recruitment process that will keep my team at a manageable size.

But enough wasting time, let's get on with the game.

Chapter 1: Demon Summoning 101

Opening Roll- Sinful Rose

Episode 1 Lead In- Summoning 101

The number of Netherworlds has expanded with the rise of demons powerful enough to rule such worlds... the Overlords.
Now, another such world is about to fall prey to such darkness.

The scene shifts to idyllic Holt Village in the land of Veldime. Not all is as it seems in Veldime, though, as it is in the grips of the dreaded Overlord Zenon, God of all Overlords...

Enter our protagonist, the Demon Hunter Adell, along with his loving Mom. Pay close attention, you may notice something slightly odd about her.

Oh yes we do. We've already searched for him and we haven't even found a clue.
Besides, we've already finished all the preparations to summon him.
Fried Dragon, Fairy Oil, the Shura Sword, Clown Shoes, and a Wyrm Bone... It's all here.
Now we just need to sacrifice a bit of life energy to summon Zenon... I hope.
You just concentrate on defeating Overlord Zenon when he's summoned. OK?

Enter the sacrifices, in the forms of Adell's Dad, his little brother Taro, and his little sister Hanako.

Honey, this summon is going to take more than just a little life. We're gonna die.
Yeah. Why do you have to use our life anyways?
Yeah yeah, that's enough complaining. We need to sacrifice some life in order to summon Overlord Zenon.
Besides, you're all demons. It's a year or two off your life. You'd probably spoil them anyway.
What? Don't you want to be human again? Do you want all my hard work over the last 15 years to go to waste?
But me and Tardo were born demons. We don't care about being human.
Oh, hohoho! Shut up, brat. Mommy still wants to be human again! So be a good little sacrifice now!
You call this good mothering...?
If you really need life energy you can use mine, you know.
Don't be absurd. You're the only human left in this world. Everyone else turned into monsters.
We can't waste any of your precious life.
I don't like this at all. Using sacrifices is just plain wrong.
Only fair fights are worth fighting. That's just my style.

So let's go over what we just learned. 15 years ago everyone in Veldime with the exception of Adell was turned into demons. After searching long and hard to find Overlord Zenon, whose defeat will return the populace to normal, they give up and try to summon him directly. Count of something being Adell's style: 1

Oh, hohoho! But I am a devil! Thanks to Zenon's curse, I have no conscience!

Now let's summon us an Overlord. This is really shaping up to be one of the shortest games of all time at this pace, though.

Well, that didn't go so well.

It's... a girl!!?
Well, she sure is cute for an Overlord.
...You've gotta be kidding! She's Overlord Zenon!?
Overlord Zenon? Do you know my father?
Father!? Wait! You! You're Zenon's...!?
That, I am! For I am Rozalin, the one and only daughter of Overlord Zenon!
Ah, you can't be serious.

Next time on Disgaea 2: The Overlord's Daughter.