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Part 12: Concept Art 1

Lotish posted:

It's not really a post-game thing, but I unlocked the "I want to see the ending" bill today. Got completely destroyed, which prompted a nice non-standard game-over, but it's a nice touch.

And yeah, they sure had a variety of different designs for Adell--some of which I can't really distinguish from the Axel ones. I wonder if they concepted one just from leftover ideas for the other? "These are too good to let go, so let's make use them for someone else!" sort of thing, you know?

I think that might just be a concept for Axel. There's concepts for other characters than Adell on those, so it's entirely possible.

Argon_Sloth posted:

I hate those bastards! Doubly so, when encountered in a small dungeon.

I think they've got one of the highest ATK stats in Makai Kingdom or Phantom Brave. Combined with their really high SPD and you get super-annoying enemies.

Thanks to the Digital Media Disk here's the art I was talking about :

Click here for the full 733x1000 image.

IShallRiseAgain posted:

w00t PSP port for disgaea 2

speaking of which, I'm trying to do an LP of Etna's mode for disgaea 1 (I just have to finish figuring out how to record PSP games) and I was wondering if I could use your portraits feinne. It would save me some time.

Sure, go right ahead. If you need higher res versions of anything just ask, I've got the DMD and it's got everything.

Also, as a special gift, here's Disgaea 3's super awesome Laharl, Etna, and Fallen Angel Flonne portraits in high-res form.