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Part 11: Fury of the Beauty Queen

Chapter 10: Fury of the Beauty Queen

Last time on Disgaea 2 we barely escaped death at the hands of some crazy slug monsters. Today we get beaten within an inch of our lives.

Drama- Tragedyland Intro

Friday: It might even be a Demon Lord trick. Well good luck and don't lose your lives.
D, d, d, Demon Lord? C, c, c, could it be like Demon Lord Etna...

Bonus- Music Track:

Is Overlord Zenon even on this worthless mud ball? No one's even seen the bastard.
He must be hiding, dood. They said Overlord Zenon lived on Veldime on yesterday's news.
And we saw Overlord Zenon's daughter. He must be here, dood.
Then why didn't you catch her? Don't tell me a spoiled little princess beat you up.

...Tink. You are a shrewd businessman.
It is some kind of trick, Princess. Zeir cunning trap to sabotage our perfect chemistry, eh. You mustn't be fooled.
Doooooooood! It's her! She's Overlord Zenon's daughter!!
That's her? Isn't it a little convenient that she's with the first group of people to pass us by?
It's great. We found her, and we get to keep all the photos!
Hey, those are... Aren't they the lackies of some Demon Lord who wants to oppose Zenon or something?
Are they truly Demon Lord Etna's...? This is convenient. I shall rid you all at once.
Perhaps you should not, Princess. For, I cannot bear to see you turned into a frog as well.
But, if I defeat Etna, I may be able to return you to your human form.
Listen, you. Which one of you is Demon Lord Etna? Show yourself at once.
For I am Rozalin, the only daughter of Overlord Zenon. I challenge you to a duel.

Women and children should stand back. Now, where is this Demon Lord Etna?
Um, helllooo! I am Demon Lord Etna. But, you can call me Beauty Queen Etna.
Sacre bleu! Lies! You do not look anyzing like ze one who turned me into a hideous frog!!
What!? Demon Lord Etna was not the one who attacked my father's palace and changed Tink into an ugly frog!?
...Hey, I thought you said Demon Lord Etna did all that stuff. What's wrong with you?
Well, you see, someone powerful did zis to me. It wasn't Overlord Zenon, so it had to be Etna! Or, so I zought!
...You were wrong all along, and now you're mad at us!? Your red personality really bites.
But, there is some truth to what Tink said. How can we be certain that she is Demon Lord Etna?
It is difficult to imagine that a Demon Lord would have such a flat chest...

This was the wrong thing to say.

Damn, that was a quick surrender! Don't you have any pride?
I proved I'm who I say I am, but what about you? Are you really Zenon's daughter?
Y-Yes, I am. I am Overlord Zenon's only daughter.
Great. Can you take me home to daddy? Like, right now?
Why!? So I can kill him and make myself the new Overlord, silly.
Well, chop chop. I don't have all day.
Or, I could amuse myself by killing you all, one at a time.
Whaaaaaattt!? Who ze hell brought us out here!? Oh damn it! It was me!!
...I, I won't help you. I, Rozalin will not be coerced.
Aww, are you trying to protect daddy? You are so adorable. But, if you won't help me, then I'll just have to kill you first!

You're very determined. I don't really like demons or girls, but I respect that you're risking your life to protect your family.
Agh, what's your problem? Why'd you get in the way?
Because, I promised her that I would return her to her father!
So, I can't let you kill her! I must protect her!!
What is this nonsense!? She was attacking me! Why didn't you run!?
I made you a promise! I'm going to keep that promise, even if it kills me!!
You... you are that devoted to your silly ideals? You were actually going to keep your promise to me, Overlord Zenon's daughter...?
What? You didn't believe me? Sonuva-
Fool! You are going to get yourself killed!
You may not care if you die or not, but won't Taro and Hanako be sad if you do!?
...Don't worry. I won't die. I still have other promises to keep.
I still have to defeat Overlord Zenon!!

Uh, guys... I'm still here!
Agh, you're either really brave or really ignorant. Mmm, my money's on ignorant...

Adell 'style' count +1. So, we just picked a fight with a Demon Lord. That was probably not a good idea.

Map- Tragedyland

This is a story battle that you cannot lose. When all your characters are defeated you 'win'. The only real objective is to try and get some of the chests on the map. Why are we so screwed, you may ask. This is why.

Etna is level 1000. I'll let that sink in for a second. We're around and about level 10. She's orders of magnitude more powerful than we are. If you've got a thief it's worth it to try and steal her Testament or Elder Spear, even though it's a 1% chance. Otherwise just try and get smashed as quickly as possible, because you will lose this map.

By the way, Level 1000 makes Etna a very powerful Demon Lord. She's easily strong enough to be an Overlord, and Zenon might be making a big mistake underestimating her.

Drama- Tragedyland Outro

So, Princess, ready to take me to daddy?
...You sound like you've already won. Isn't it a little early for that...?
The fight's just getting started...! I haven't even played my trump card...!
Why do boys always feel the need to show off in front of girls? I was kind enough to let you live... Don't tell me you enjoy this.
I always keep my promises...! Whatever it takes, I will take you back to your father...!
Why? I am Overlord Zenon's daughter. I am your enemy. Why are you trying so hard...?
I hate lies... In any form...
Agh. You hot-blooded punks are always such a pain. Maybe I should just put him outta his misery.
No, wait...!

If that's how you want it... This is your last chance.
...I ... can't tell you.
Wow. You're a cold-hearted bitch. Hmm, sorry boy toy, you heard the princess.
I don't care... I choose to fight...! All my life... I've always had my own style!!
Aww, how touching. Now you get to die on your own style, too.
Wait! I really can't tell you!!
Sure you can. You just don't want to.

That sure explains a lot, like her insecurity earlier on. She's so very insistent that she's Zenon's daughter and that he loves her because she wants to believe that he does despite the fact that she's never even seen him. It also of course means she's totally unable to help us figure out where he is, since she's never known herself. Oopsie. Also, Adell style count +2 on the update.

Now for the News...


I started this whole craze!! I made this Veldime rush possible!! Why didn't I get any credit!?
The network execs conned us out of everything...
They don't even have our money. I called them, but they all act as if they don't know anything about us.
No... Have they abandoned me on this hellhole? Me, Axel, the Dark Hero...?
They have abandoned us. Unless the network sends a crew to pick us up, there's no way we can return...
...No, the gig's not over yet! I'm Axel, the Dark Hero!! There's no situation I can't rock out of!!
Agh, Axel darling...
I've got a reason to go back! And a home to get back to!!

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