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Part 13: Axel's Scheme

Chapter 11: Axel's Scheme

Last time on Disgaea 2 we got our faces stomped in and learned that Rozalin has never even seen Overlord Zenon. Today we have a new problem in store for us.

Drama- Axel's Scheme

If only I was stronger...
But, hasn't it been, like, a really long time since you lost a fight to anyone? That Demon Lord must be really strong...
Don't worry, brother. I'll get 'em back for you next time.
She's... sort of right. It isn't like you to be depressed. Just get stronger and beat her next time.
But... damn!
Adell. Just be happy that you're back home with your family.
I know you're mad because you lost. I also know that you're fighting so hard for us, your family.
But, for us, what matters the most is that you come home alive. That is what we hope for the most.

...OK. I promise. I will come home alive.

No... That is not what disturbs me.
Princess, that's amazing! You healed faster than everyone else.

Rozalin's dreaming again...

Father, please answer me!!

Now let's find out what our old buddy Axel's got in store for us this time.

Drama- Dallos River

Do not pretend like you forgot! I deceived you about my relationship with my father.
Are you not angered by my deception!? Do you not doubt the validity of my pedigree!?
Or perhaps you pity me, as a pathetic and foolish girl? But, do not mock me!
My father has provided me with a pampered life, with my own mansion and servants and Tink for as long as I can remember!
Even though I have not yet met him, my father cares an awful lot about me! What more proof do you need?
I am... I am Rozalin, Overlord Zenon's only daughter!!
Monsieur Adell. Ze princess speaks ze truth.
After all, I am a demon in ze service of Overlord Zenon. I guarantee zat ze princess really is his daughter. Please believe her.

I'm not lying. The fact is, I don't know my parents either.
I don't pity you. But, I do know how you feel.
...You don't know your parents? You're lying! You have a family...

What!? Taro and Hanako!?
Some stupid looking boy in a white cape took Taro and Hanako.
But, what does he want with our kids? He won't get much money by selling them, so what's the point?
Stupid looking and wearing a white cape, huh...

He said, "Come to Dallos River if you want them back!" Who is he?
Just an idiot! I can't believe that jerk! Is this is way of getting revenge!?
Sure we beat the crap out of him, but to endanger Taro and Hanako... I'll never forgive him!!

And Axel's grabbed Taro and Hanako. What we don't know yet is what he hopes to gain by it, but we'll find out soon enough.

Next time on Disgaea 2: Family