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Part 15: The Cunning Plan of the Dark Hero

Chapter 13: The Cunning Plan of the Dark Hero

Last time on Disgaea 2 we started searching for Taro and Hanako. Today, we face off with Axel, the Dark Hero.

Drama- Red Waterfall Intro

You should be thrilled. I'm letting you share the stage with me, Axel the Dark Hero.
Why should we care about some has-been? You kidnapped us to trap Adell!
Yeah. Did you really think it was smart to make him mad?
Hahaha. Winning this fight doesn't make much difference to my Secret Plan.
I bet it is just a stupid trap. If you came up with it, it must be stupid.
Ouch! You brats are mean! I'll teach you a lesson you'll never forget!
You'll learn to fear Dark Heroes when you suffer so many ding-dong-ditches and prank phone calls, you'll never be able to sleep!
Ha! You don't scare me! My big brother is really strong.
And you'll be sorry when he gets here! My big brother is going to defeat Overlord Zenon.
Huh? He's gonna try to beat Overlord Zenon? Isn't that... kinda delusional?
I know what I'm gonna do, too. Overlord Zenon's daughter is gonna make me her servant.
Tardo! You really want to be Rozy's servant? That's stupid.
Why is that stupid? Princess is amazing. And, sweet. And, pretty. And, wow.

Ahhh! Tardo, I call the Meatopia chocolate bar! It's my favorite! Gimme! Gimme!
That's not fair! That's my favorite, too!
Shut up! If you both want it, physical violence is the only way to solve this!
Didya hear that, Tardo? You wanna fight me?
No way. I can't beat you. You're too mean.
Take the Meatopia chocolate bar. Living with demons is tough...
Hehehe! Thank you, Tardo.
That's more like it! This is just like watching those old sibling rivalry films in high school. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Kidnapping young children is beyond outrageous. Such an indecency cannot be forgiven.
Wait a minute. Why are you so angry? Isn't kidnapping kids as common a chore for demons as doing laundry?
Let's just say ze princess has lived a very "sheltered" life, eh. Besides, she has never done laundry, eizer.
You both have no clue what you are talking about. Taro and Hanako are my servants. I cannot abide someone stealing them.
When the hell did my brother and sister become your servants!?
...Ah, I guess you really are different form most other demons.
I thought all demons were the same, but I can see that's not true.

Map- Red Waterfall

This map is part of an elaborate exploit of this game's mechanics. It has the Geo Effect 'Enemy Level Up +10%' on most of the map. Nekomatas on the map will quickly become too high level for you to defeat, so when doing the map normally you should take it out immediately. In future visits, though, you can take advantage of this effect. You can capture any monster that's of a class you can create as long as you have a character in the base panel at least half its level by simply throwing it into the panel. Don't do what I do in the video, which is throw a monster you couldn't already create in, because it'll destroy the base panel. As long as you do it right, it's entirely possible to eventually capture Level 9999 Nekomatas in this map. Watch out for the Nekomatas, they're the equivalent of monster fist users and can be hard to hit.

Drama- Red Waterfall Outro

...What!? It's me! Axel! Can't you tell from my voice?
...What!? No, I'm not dead! That was a mistake! It's all part of some conspiracy with the TV network!!
I'm telling you the truth, Ma! Don't you trust me!?
...Fine. I'll be back on TV soon. Then you'll see that I'm still alive. So, just keep watching TV, OK?
Just wait and see, Ma! I'll be even more famous when I return!!

So even Axel's family thinks he's dead. It really sort of sucks to be him, and it's about to suck a whole lot more.

Drama- Dragon's Mouth Intro

Hahaha! Welcome to my new show! I admire your courage for coming here. Suckers. You had to know this was a trap!
So, if you want the brats unharmed, just hand the princess over to me! Oh, and then you have to let me beat you up! Hahaha!
Ha, what's your scheme?
You're the one with the scheme! I see how you're plotting to use the princess as a hostage so you can defeat Overlord Zenon!
But, I will put an end to your plans! Once I've rescued the Overlord's daughter, I'll be back in the spotlight!!
The entire universe will witness my victory! It'll spark my glorious comeback! So, ready to fight fair?
But, remember, I won't be responsible for what happens to those brats if you don't let me beat you up!!
...Then how the hell is this a fair fight?
What if we refuse huh? What if we zrow you out like garbage in front of ze entire universe? How will you come back from zat?
Haha! That's what my secret plan is for! Even if I lose, I can use the latest special effect technology to edit the footage!
No matter how badly I lose, or how much I beg for my life, I can fix it all in post! I'll have the greatest victory scene ever!!
Hmhmhmhm! Whattaya know? My cunning trap had such a great twist that you're all lost for words!!
...No, we just don't want to waste our breath.

Huh? Why are you so angry? I'm trying to rescue you, you know?
Fool! I do not need to be rescued! I am here of my own free will! I am no one's hostage!
What the hell!? Aren't princesses supposed to wait for their knight in shining armor to rescue them whenever they get captured?
You idiot! That only happens in your feeble imagination!
Then, what are we gonna do for my show!?
Zere has been a change of plans. How does Series Finale! Axel Dies Wrizing in Pain! sound to you? Oh ho ho ho!
But, that's not how I want my series to end! Can't I at least have a happy ending!?
Sorry, we're all outta happy endings today! We only have ones that end with horrible beatings!!
Just remember, every punch is for Taro and Hanako!

Map- Dragon's Mouth

There's some tricks to this map. We have to throw someone over to a No Entry symbol to proceed. There's three colored zones, the first two of which reduce ATK and DEF and the last of which increases DEF. Axel waits for us on some Invincibility panels we'll need to draw him off of. After we've cleared the No Entry effect the character can access the source of the ATK-50%, DEF-50%, and DEF+50% effects and move them around to our advantage. There's really not much to the map, though. Just avoid fighting in areas that aren't advantageous to you. Also of note: after the encounter with Etna, Rozalin has stopped plotting to kill Adell, and they now have a 10% chance to perform a team attack.

Drama- Dragon's Mouth Outro

Are you still making stuff up...? Get over it already.
Hmhmhm, you can't fool me... You probably used some futuristic device on her, like when you mutilate cattle...
Stop it, Mr. Stupidhead! Adell didn't do anything like that!
Adell fights fairly! He doesn't use stupid tricks like you! Emm!
Stop it, Hanako. What if you slip and fall in the river?

What have I done...?

Well that's not good at all. Taro's slipped into the river, and we're going to have to go after him. Surely this can't be that bad, though...

Netherworld News, Episode 4

Cavern of Evil? That sounds unappealing. Naturally, that's our next destination. Thanks Axel.

Next time on Disgaea 2: The Promise