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Part 17: Masques

Chapter 15: Masques

Last time on Disgaea 2 we started towards the Cavern of Evil. Today we'll start looking for Taro and have an unexpected visitor.

Drama- Glutton's Hideout Intro

...Well, sir... We are about to conduct the Ritual of Foresight.
...But, because of the secrecy of the mission, we can't use our servants, so...
I won't accept any excuses. Find the princess immediately..
The most beautiful flowers grow delicately in a garden. Once exposed to the wilderness, even the most beautiful bloom is tarnished.
...As you wish, my master...

Meanwhile, at the Cavern of Evil...

Oohlala! My tummy aches. Can I go home now? I have to use ze restroom, as well. Have you seen ze little froggy's room?
C'mon, let's go already! Even if Tardo didn't drown, we'll have to save him before a monster eats him.
Y, yeah, you're right! Let's go in!

Map- Glutton's Hideout

For a while these maps aren't really terribly interesting. This map's gimmick is the same as one in Episode 3. The Blue panels on the map get Enemy Boost +50%, Heal 20%, and Encroach. Eventually the whole map will be covered in Enemy Boost. You need to get to the symbol one way or another before this happens. You don't start in a great position, there's a lot of Orcs and Ghosts relatively close to you that will come rushing in. Try to kill the Ghosts as quickly as you can, their Tie Down attack can paralyze your, characters, making them terribly vulnerable to the Orcs' attacks. Once you destroy the Enemy Boost effect, you'll just need to deal with a few Succubi, Alarunes, and an Orc. They don't post a substantial threat without their Enemy Boost effect, just get your group together and pound them down.

Drama- Glutton's Hideout Outro

Zen you must be a family maniac. All we hear is family zis and family zat.
Shup up! Adell is gonna fight the Overlord so we can become human. Most brothers just pick on you.
Hmhmhm. So Hanako, you take much pride in Adell being your big brother.
(Family... Does Father think of me as family?)
(How can I think of such blasphemy!? After all, it was Father who gave me such a lavish and tender life until now!)
(To doubt such a thing...! Oh, Father... please forgive me...)

We see more of an interesting trend in this drama scene, that Rozalin seems to oppose fighting. She thinks Adell is overly violent, which is needless to say an atypical position for a demon to hold. There's good reasons for this but we're a long way from discovering them.

Oh and this coming scene has a preview of a truly awesome theme that we'll hear much more of later.

Drama- Eternal Oblivion Intro

...What can I do? What is a Dark Hero to do now?
Axel darling...
Stage performances, tricks, it's all part of my act. I'll do whatever it takes to let my fans know I'm still alive.
But, I never meant to hurt those kids...!
Ehh, that's the risk you take when you take people hostage.
What I do and what my character does are completely different! Look, I gotta go!
Wh, what, go! Heha, where are you going?
I'm gonna find myself! I hafta go!


I just had a weird chill run down my spine. I've got a bad feeling...

Map- Eternal Oblivion

This is an extremely easy map if done properly. A ring of purple tiles surrounds the Base Panel. Throw someone over to the symbols nearby and throw the ATK and DEF +50% symbols onto the nearby purple panels. Then just wait for the waves of Orcs to come. They'll come in threes, and there should be little trouble killing each wave before the next comes up.

Oh, and shit's about to get serious.

Drama- Eternal Oblivion Outro

Who's that...!? A new enemy!?
...There is no need to be afraid...
...Princess. I have come for you...
Hmm? Are you my father's servant?
...I carry Overlord Zenon's orders. You must return to your mansion...
If I knew where it was, I would have done so already.
Besides, I no longer wish to return there just yet. Please take me to my father instead.
...That is not my concern. Overlord Zenon has ordered me to return you to your mansion, Princess...
What...? What did you just say!?
My father doesn't want to meet me!? This cannot be true!!
My father loves me! You are lying...!!

But why...? Why doesn't my father wish to meet me...?
Hmph... We don't need her help.
If he doesn't want to come to you, we'll just have to go to him.
Look, I promised to take you back to your father, didn't I?
Don't act like everything is fine! This is all your fault for not taking me back sooner!!
How did this all become my fault?
...Are you the human who summoned the princess? If you interfere, you will be harmed.
Heh... Well said. We're trying to save my brother's life. So, I'll offer you the same terms.
Until my brother's safe, I won't let anything stand in my way.
...Even if it costs you your life...?
Yeah! Even if it costs me my life!!
...You are a reckless young man...
...It has been a long time since I have felt such strong human emotions...
...Very well. Your combined determination has swayed my judgment. I shall let you go...

I'm sorry. The one who is in need of saving is very important to me, too. Please forgive me.
...Princess. Many vicious beasts dwell in this area.
...If they confront you, it may be wise to use this...
A flute...?
...It is a magic summoning flute. It will allow you to control monsters with low intelligences...
You're Zenon's servant, right? Why are you helping us?
...I do not know. I am compelled to do so...

Hey... Weren't you just begging to be taken to see your father?
But, you stayed to help Taro...
Are you surprised!? Taro's life is in danger now!! Of course he takes priority!!
You must survive, Taro! At least until we arrive to rescue you!!
Oh ho. She is trying very hard. But, I know she has suffered a great shock.
Rozy is stubborn when she wants to be. It's so cute.

So, let's recap what just happened. We ran into the Masked Woman from earlier scenes. She tells Rozalin that Zenon wants her to return to her mansion, but that he also doesn't want to see her. Naturally Rozalin doesn't take this well. For some reason, though, rather than force Rozalin to go back she gives us a magic flute and leaves. The question is, why did she help us, and the answer is clearly far off because not even she seemed to know.

Next time on Disgaea 2: Let's Rock, White Tiger!