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Part 18: With a Little Help From My Enemies

Chapter 16-With a Little Help From My Enemies

Last time on Disgaea 2 we got a flute from the mysterious Masked Woman, servant of the dread Overlord Zenon. Today, we're going to rescue Taro!

Drama- Shriek of Death Intro

H, help me...
I'm sorry, kid. I'm sorry you got hurt like this.
Here's the bill for the taxi, kid. When you get home, tell your parents I said "Thanks."
????: Grrrr...
Wh, what was that sound...? It wasn't your stomach growling, was it?
Is it my turn to be scared? Heh heh, no way...
Yaaaaaahhhhhhh!? Oh, I'm in deep, deeeeeep trouble!!

I, I, I was, uh, just passing by! You know, out on a stroll. Then these monsters came out!!
I think they're my fans! You know, they just all NEED my autograph! Yeah!
It appears you have whipped your fans into a frenzy. As if, they are on the verge of biting.
Hey, have you seen Taro?
Oh, that kid? Yeah, he-he ran deeper into the cave! But, he isn't dead yet!!
Axel. Did you...
Ah, Adell!! Are zose not ze monsters zat ze masked lady told us about!?
Play ze flute! Hurry! Hurry!
Oh, OK!!
...Um, how do you play this thing? I've never played a flute before.
Sacre bleu!! Zen don't pretend like you can!! Give it to me!! Here, Princess!!
Huh? I have never played a flute before, either. But, being a true lady, I have read all about it. Leave this to me.

You're right. It'll count as an indirect kiss!
I, I cannot play this dirty flute!!

Well, then I guess we're in for a fight. Disgaea 2 is really good for one-liners, by the way. The flat-chested fornicatress line and the dirty flute are just the start, the best one happens a bit past the halfway point. It's seriously one of my favorite lines in any form of media ever.

Map- Shriek of Death

This is an interesting map. Axel is present, but he's on our side this time as a neutral character. He's useful at least as a distraction. There's four really nasty monsters on this map, which start on Invincibility and No Lifting tiles surrounded by No Entry tiles. We need to remove the No Entry effect so we can lure them off of the Invincibility effect, after which we can take advantage of it ourselves. This isn't a bad map to grind on because the level 18 enemies are pretty valuable and in later visits there's no annoying Geo Effects to deal with.

Drama- Shriek of Death Outro

You're really anxious about this.
Why shouldn't I be? I am not so foolish as to abandon a servant in danger.
Uh, um, Princess? Are you sure you're acting of your own free will?
Hmm? Didn't I tell you earlier? I was not taken hostage, nor have I been brainwashed.
But, those kids were saying that he wants to defeat Overlord Zenon! So, why are you helping him?
W, well, you see...
Can this be!? You're- you're leading a rebellion!? Overlord Zenon's own daughter is out to wrest control in a royal family feud?
When the viewers get wind of this, it'll cause a huge uproar!!
With this kind of news, they'll have to put me on the air to report it!! Lucky, lucky me!

Note: This is actually a good plan from Axel mysteriously. This is actually a strong narrative instead of the normal shit he makes up.

Just because you are travelling with someone who is out to defeat ze Overlord.
Tink...? Were you aware of this from the very beginning?
Why, yes. How could you possibly not have seen it, Princess? It is quite an obvious assumption, eh.
You fool!! It is the duty of a servant to advise his master on matters like this!!
Hey! Aren't you forgetting about Taro? He could've been eaten by monsters already.
Y, you're right! We must focus our attention on rescuing Taro!
It shouldn't have come to this... This is all because we summoned you.
Silence! That kind of thinking won't help any of us right now. We should concentrate on rescuing your brother!
...You're right, let's go!!
Uh, uhh...! Damn, this is bad!

Drama- Dark Ruins Intro

Do not worry, Taro. You are safe, now that I am here.
Taro, will you be brave for me? You shall make a fine servant for me someday. There is nothing for you to fear.
Yes Princess!
...Tardo... You're already Rozy's slave...

Then things get heavy...

That big guy must be the monster that masked lady was telling us about. ...It sure looks tough.
It is not just anuzher cute little monster! It is like a Demon Lord itself!!
Play ze flute! Play ze flute! Since Adell and ze princess won't play it, Hanako, can you play ze flute!?
I don't know how to play it! What about you?
Ze only flute I've played was ze one I stole from ze girl I liked in school!! Is zere somezing wrong with zat!?
...You're horrible.
Shut up! Until a girl puts her lips on zis, zis stupid flute is useless!
I wasn't planning to use that flute anyway! Even if it is as strong as a Demon Lord, I'm still gonna take it down, fair and square!!
Hmph... Your mood always improves before a fight. You must really enjoy it...
I already told you, it's not like that!
Is that a flute...?
Hey, who's playing that?

Hehehe... Surprised? It's no big deal for the Dark Hero to laugh, boast and play the flute at the same time!
Heh, that's not why we're surprised... What're you...?
Heh... There's plenty of time for autographs later.
I've done all I can. The rest is up to you. Gotta run, my fans are waiting.
Hahaha! Now you owe me. Just pay me back 100 fold later.
What the hell was he thinking?
Hmmm. Maybe that was his way of taking responsibility for himself.
...Maybe. Though he did just run off with our flute.
Uhm, did you forget about me? Heh, I wanna be rescued now...
...Oh yeah! Sorry, Taro! We forgot you were there!!

Map- Dark Ruins

This map is just a straight up slugfest. There's a whole bunch of enemies on the map. It looks very open but No Entry panels channel you in specific directions. The wolf-like monsters are the largest threats, as they hit very hard with their attacks. There's not much in the way of great strategy to this, just take the enemies one by one and grind them to dust.

Drama- Dark Ruins Outro

W, what is it? What's wrong Taro?
Thank you for rescuing me, Princess. I pledge my life to serve you.
Taro, you...
You really came... I didn't think you were gonna come rescue me. I... I...
Please let me be your servant, Princess! I'll do my best!
...If that is your wish. Taro, I officially accept you as my servant.
Th, thank you, Princess!
System Message: Taro's title is now [Rozalin's Servant]! Rozalin's servant Taro has joined the group!
Is that OK, Adell? Is Tardo allowed to be a demon's servant?
...Well, he is a man, now. And when a man makes a serious decision like that, it's hard to change his mind.
Besides, even if she is a demon, I doubt he'll get in much trouble being her servant.
Hmmm. So you like Rozy now? I thought you didn't like girls or demons.
Ah, she's OK. She's different from any girl or demon I've met before.

If he reports that erroneous propaganda, people may believe that I am betraying my father. If that happens...
I'm sorry. This is all my fault. Summoning you, this crap with Axel, everything...
If your beloved father is tricked into believing you're betraying him, then...
Keep your chin up, Adell. I have not been branded a traitor yet.
And with Axel... It is very likely that the networks won't allow him to report anything at all.
You're right... Even so, I'm still not satisfied with myself.
Then you must keep your promise to return me to my father. That should lift your spirits.
What do you say? Will you keep your promise?
O, of course! I will take you back to your father!
Then, I shall hold you to your word.

Okay so this next part might be kind of hard to follow. Both of them outline a scenario where they don't have to fight Zenon if only the other will play ball. Adell is obviously not thrilled about Rozalin's scenario and Rozalin doesn't know enough about what's going on to realize why Adell's isn't going to happen.

...My goal is to defeat Zenon.
But, if he decides to remove his curse and turn everyone back to normal, then I won't have to fight him.
Do we have a deal?
We have a deal.
But do not forget. You and I are enemies. For as long as you oppose my father...

So Rozalin and Adell are slowly reconciling their differences. Taro's joined the party now. He's a strong physical attacker who can buff and heal himself. His defense increases when his health is low.

Now it's six o'clock, and time for the news.

Episode 5- Ending

A Battle Arena that Zenon's going to be present at? That's awfully... convenient. We'll hear more about it next time.

Next time on Disgaea 2: Coliseum, zam.