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Part 20: Etna's Proposal

Chapter 18- Etna's Proposal

Last time on Disgaea 2 we met Yukimaru and learned of a battle arena Overlord Zenon is sponsoring. Today, we enter the battle.

The Battle Arena maps are a series of mini-boss fights. This and the next chapter represent the largest difficulty increase we've seen so far in the game, and there's a couple of maps here that can absolutely wreck you if you're unprepared.

Drama- First Battle Intro

One such as you cannot hope to understand an Overlord's plan. It is pointless to even try.
Maybe he was bored...

This time around Etna is accompanied by the Etna Boogie, her original theme from Disgaea. I'm pretty sure the words are the same, it's the tempo and instruments that are different. I don't think I need to say it's not a good thing that we're running into Etna.

She is Beauty Queen Etna? Really?
No way! Adell, you really lost to her?
I never though we'd meet again. Do you think this could be fate?
Hmph. There is no such thing as fate. I still have not forgotten about that day.
You serious? Ah, who'da thought you were the grudgy type?
That was then. Why fight now? It's water under the bridge.
Easy for you to say. ...So, why're you here? Don't tell me you're entering, too?
Ah hahahahaha! You're hilarious. If I did, everyone will know who I am and there wouldn't be a competition.
Then, why are you here?
I signed the Prinnies up. When they win, they'll meet the Overlord, and then it's sayonara Zenon. It's the perfect plan.

Yeah, you're right. Say, if you end up fighting against them, could you take a dive?
You fool! Do you think I would lose to you on purpose, knowing that you intend to harm my father!?
Oh, come on. Can't you overlook such a minor detail just this once?
"Minor detail?"
Thanks, guys. I knew I could count on you.
...There she goes.
A storm is coming this way...

And Etna thinks we've agreed to take a dive against her Prinnies. And just when you thought this couldn't get any worse...

Haahahaha! I am the MC and referee of the arena! In this Colosseum, I am God!
Wh, what!?
Overlord Zenon asked me, the crazy famous Dark Hero, to MC this event personally. It's so hard being popular...
Zenon!? Personally!? ...That can't be right.

He got down on both knees and begged Zenon's publicist! He said he'd do anything to get hired!
With all the rumors from the TV networks saying we're dead, he's desperate to just get back on TV.
D----! Director! Why are you telling them!? We don't want to spoil anyone's dreams of me with the dark side of Netherwood!
Um, I doubt anyone dreamed about you before, either...
What!? Have you forgotten who is God of the Colosseum!
Are you ready to rock! Round 1, quick start!!

W, what do we do, Adell?
Hmph... If registration is over, I think we're in luck. I don't wanna jinx us, but we're gonna win.
You look excited and happy. See, you are a battle maniac.
Th, that's ridiculous! I'm just trying to keep my promise.
Well, anyone can say they are going to do something, but doing it is another matter.
Adell! Someone's coming to fight us.

Zey must be heroes from anuhzer world, here to defeat Lord Zenon.
Undefeatedable: Ah, you are correct! We are the, em how you say, ah yes, Invincible Hero Squad, here to destroy the merciless Zenon!!
Look! We have full invincible equipment! Invincible sword, invincible armor, even invincible shoes! How's that for invincible?
Uhh, do you really expect us to answer that?
Zey appear to be worzy foes, eh. Adell, how should we fight zem?
It doesn't matter if they're invincible, or even heroes. I'm gonna beat 'em fair and square.
Adell. I think we need a better plan...
A head-on assault should work just fine. OK. On the count of three...
Hmph... battle maniac. What did your parents do to you?

Map- First Battle

The invincible hero squad is, of course, anything but. They're not particularly high level and they have very strange weapon choices for their classes. Undefeatedable the Samurai seems threatening at first, especially given the names of his equipment. His sword is Supremacy, his armor is Almighty, and his shoes are Maxi Sandals. These pieces of equipment are only available by stealing from him, so I took some time and stole them. They're absolutely awful, of course, the very worst items in the game. This map is a joke and if you could beat those horrible wolf things in the last maps you should breeze through this.

Drama- First Battle Outro

What!? That doesn't even make any sense!
Undefeatedable: You see, this was our squad's... debut fight.
...I understand now. Since you have never lost a fight, you just thought you were invincible.
So, your name was just a bluff?
Undefeatedable: I will never forget you! We shall tell great stories of the only warrior to defeat us! ...Is it hot in here, or is it just me?
Get outta here!
So, are these the kind of warriors who signed up for this...?


...We have received word that those believed to be in league with the Demon Lord were victorious in the first round...
Is that so...?

...It also appears there are a number of participants intent on taking your life...
Let them try... They will all die, anyway...

...As you wish, my master...
Hmmhmhmhmhm...! Haahahahahahahaaa!

Until we're done with the Battle Arena our base is the arena lobby. It has all the same amenities as Holt Village and the old maps are still available. Let's get on with the next battle, which is the first example of a concept that's new to Disgaea 2, the Geo Puzzle.

Drama- Second Battle Intro

I hate puzzles. How are we supposed to solve this?
Old Man Geo: Heh ha ha ha ha ha... I've studied Geo Panels in the Shinra Tower for over 10,000 years.
Ho! Is this one too hard for you young'uns?
Tch... This one's too easy. The red Geo Symbol is the key.
Once you find the key Geo Symbol, the rest of the puzzle falls into place.
Old Man Geo: Ohh!? Ya solved it already!? Yer pretty good...!
Hmmm...? I thought you were just a foolish brute who ran head-first into battle. But, you are surprisingly adept as well, Adell.
Never underestimate me. I just hate cheap tricks and dirty tactics.
If I put my mind to it, I can solve these things pretty quick. Just because I like to rush into things doesn't mean I can't think.

Map- Second Battle

This is an interesting map. The entire map is covered in a panels with a variety of effects. No Entry panels force you to wind around the map. As Adell suggests, the To Red symbol is the key to the puzzle. If you destroy any other symbol the entire map will end up yellow with Invincibility protection, which isn't conducive to killing everything. Old Man Geo will nuke you with Star spells from the center, so you probably want to bring a healer along with the people heading for the To Red symbol. I prefer to do it with a small team instead of just by throwing, because it minimizes damage on the party when the chain starts.

Drama- Second Battle Outro

Old Man Geo: I haven't seen talent like that since that Fubuki kid who lived at the Shinra Tower.
Fubuki kid? Who's that?
Old Man Geo: Hoo heh heh! Meha! Watching you gave me a new idea.
Take this as a reward, sonny.
(Adell got a Remedy!!)
What is this...?
Old Man Geo: It's a special medicine I made from eleven secret herbs and spices which we keep hidden inside the Shinra Tower. It works wonders.
Oh! Eleven. Here, let me keep this in case of an emergency.
Hey, why do you get to keep it?
If I let you hold it, you would probably just waste it on something stupid.
Psh... Fine. But, you better not waste it, either.
Old Man Geo: Huh, well, sonny, I had a great time. I hope we can match wits again some day...
I just have to live long enough. Ho ha heh heh heh...

And back out in the lobby...

I'm Yukimaru, zam. You joined the battle arena, too, zam?
Yeah, sorta. We just advanced to Round 3.
Congratulations, zam. Child, did you fight, too, zam?
Yes, zam. Did I do that right?
Yes, zam. As for me, both of my opponents were injured before the competition, so I advanced without fighting.
Advanced without fighting? You must have great luck.
Yes. I sure was lucky, zam. I don't like fighting unless I have to, zam.
Ahh, eh, ehhahehehahe...!
...Hm? Why is this strange creature acting so funny, zam?
P, P, Princess! It is her, zam! She is ze culprit who attacked ze palace, zam!!
Why is everyone speaking like her now, zam?
Never mind zat! I am telling you, she is ze one who turned me into zis frog!!
Are you sure? Remember last time? You told us, "Demon Lord Etna did zis to me!" But, you were wrong.

See, you were wrong again! Why are you always making such a big fuss?
Oh, was your frog friend transformed by someone, zam...?
Yes. He said it was done by someone wearing clothes similar to yours...
Someone who dresses like me, and can use the art of Henge... Could it be...?
What? Do you know something about it?
Oh, no. It's nothing.
...I, um, I have to get ready for my next match. Excuse me, zam.

Yukimaru clearly knows more than she's telling us about what happened to Tink, and it's awfully suspicious that all her opponents have been injured before fighting her. Now not only are we going to run afoul of Etna when we don't take a dive, but we're likely to have to fight Yukimaru as well. This on top of whatever else we the arena throws at us.

Next Time on Disgaea 2: The Secret Past