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Part 21: The Secret Past

Chapter 19: The Secret Past

Last time on Disgaea 2 we beat up some chump and an old man. Today, we learn a bit more about Adell's past and go bowling.

Drama- Third Battle Intro

Elenor: Foolish child. Did you really think you could run from me?
Adell, do you know this woman?
I never heard the name Elenor before. Who is she, Adell?
Maybe she's his ex-girlfriend...
Oh ho ho ho! Adell, you sly devil.
N, no! It's not like that! She's the reason I don't like girls!!
Elenor: Ohhhhh, you might hurt my feelings. After all, you came to me.
Stop trying to mislead everyone! I didn't have a choice...!
What kind of relationship was it? It sounds like you two were more than just friends.
...That's none of your business!
Don't snap at me! I am a princess!!
Elenor: You won't get away from me this time, Adell. As per the terms of our deal, your soul will belong to me.
Not this time! I'm a lot stronger than I used to be!
I'll make you pay for the scars on my face!

Interesting. So Adell made some deal with this Elenor, and that's the reason why he doesn't like demons or girls. Also that's a wicked awkward thing to say to someone, that she's the reason you don't like girls.

Map- Third Battle

This is the most difficult battle to date. The map is covered in small islands with a variety of Geo Effects in a sea of Warp panels. The Nekomatas and Succubi on this map are absolutely brutal and can easily kill weak characters. I got especially unlucky in that I could never seem to see my Evade panels actually protect characters. Luckily the enemies are as fragile as they hit hard, so as long as you're not too under-leveled the map's doable.

Drama- Third Battle Outro

Elenor: If you sell me your soul, I'll tell you anything you wanna know...
...I don't even think about them anymore.
Besides, selling my soul to a demon just isn't my style.

Adell's style count +1 for those counting at home.

Elenor: ...Oh? That's too bad.
If you change your mind, my offer still stands. Just visit your friend Elenor. Until then, I'll suspend the deal...
Adell... You wanted to know something, so you tried to make a deal with her?
...I told you, it's none of your business.
Hmph...! Fine then, be that way! I don't even care anymore!!
(...Knowing them now won't change anything...)

Obviously he wanted to know something about his parents, and thought Elenor could help him. Clearly he had second thoughts, though, and barely escaped with his life.

Now get ready, the largest difficulty curve in the game is coming up next.

Drama- Fourth Battle Intro

If they find out about the set-up, we'll be disqualified, dood.
Set-up? What are you talking about?
We're not planning to lose here
Dooooood!? That wasn't the plan, dood!!
You thought I would let you win, knowing that you oppose my father? Imbecile!
First of all, throwing a fight is betraying the trust of the modern sports gambler. Gambling fraud just isn't my style.

Count + 1. That statement always makes me laugh because it's just so convoluted.

Th, this is bad, dood... If we fail, Master Etna will be waiting to punish us, dood.
Dood! We hafta win this fight on our own, dood!!
Listen up! It's time for our secret formation, dood!

Seriously!? Dood!!
It looks like you are just used to being on the losing side. It is so sad...
The least I can do is let you die quickly... Let's go!!

Map- Fourth Battle

This is either the hardest or easiest map in the game so far. Let's take a look at it.

So, the entire map is covered with Enemy Boost x3, and those are pretty tough Prinnies for our level. If we tried to just take them on, we'd be cooked. Good thing we're doing nothing of the sort. All you need to do in order to clear the map is throw the black Prinny 12 Pounder next to the lead Prinny in the formation and they'll chain explode. This map is just like the Prinny Baseball game in Disgaea 1, a creative exercise in Prinny abuse.

Drama- Fourth Battle Outro

Hmmm... If we lose, it'll only make you happy. So, we gotta win, no matter what.
Heh, today's competition is over. But tomorrow, you're gonna fight other groups that won all their fights, too.
So unless you wanna embarrass yourself in front of everyone, you better run home crying now and forget about tomorrow.
Thanks for the advice, but unlike you, we're gonna win our fights!


Mr. Stupidhead doesn't look happy at all.
Oh? How'd you do? Did you get another win without having to fight?
Hmm... Friend?
What's wrong with your voice? Did you catch a cold, zam?
...You must leave the battle arena.
We have a mission to accomplish. I won't allow you to interfere.
What are you talking about? It is too early for you to be sleep talking.
You, the one from the other day... It appears you didn't get enough back there.
What was that? What are you talking about?

You...!? Can, can you be the Overlord's...!?
We don't know what your deal is, but if it's a fight you're looking for, I'll fight you.
...This is unexpected. I must retreat for now...
What's wrong with her...?

Well, that person didn't really talk much like Yukimaru. For those not watching the drama scenes the same voice actress does the voice, but she talks in a very strange voice. Peculiar, that...

And now for the news...

Episode 6 Ending

Yes, Usagi has a huge bite out of his ear when the feed is restored. Pleinair started eating him when they lost their feed. Usagi's job has a high turnover rate, needless to say.

Next Time on Disgaea 2: Sudden Death Round