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Part 22: Sudden Death Round

Chapter 20: Sudden Death Round

Last time on Disgaea 2 we finished the first round of the battle arena. Today we get ready for the second day of battles. First, though, we have a little interlude.

Drama- Episode 7 Intro

No. It is more important than that...
Don't worry. I'll keep my promise, no matter what. You will meet your father.
Hmph... I won't be expecting much. But I do expect you to keep your word.
Hey, Adell. Do you know what's gonna happen when you get to meet Overlord Zenon?
Hmm, well...?
Of course he knows. He's gonna fight him fair and square, and defeat him so that we can turn into humans.
Y, yeah, that's right.
I was born a demon, but I wonder what I'd look like as a human... I bet I'd look sexy, huh?
(What do I do when I meet him...)
(Guess I really won't know until it actually happens...)

Before we do anything in this Episode we have to talk to Etna. She's less than thrilled that we beat her Prinnies.

???- Drama

So, how are we gonna fix this?
We never made a deal. You just said we had one and took off.
Oh, really? Well what happened to, "It's only fair to keep every promise," or whatever you always say?
...Wow. How many different sentences did it take to hear all those words from me?
OK, OK, fine. But, now I'm rooting for you guys.
And then you can take me with you to see Overlord Zenon. OK?
Well, good luck!
There she goes making up her own promises, again...
Don't concern yourself with that. Our objectives have not changed.
I guess you're right... OK, tonight, we'll have a good, hardy dinner to build up our strength.
Excellent. I am famished. I would love to have a nice, bloody prime rib right now.

Once again Etna has pushed herself into our business. Of course if Adell were smarter he'd realize that Etna's got a way better chance of beating Zenon than he does and that it hardly matters who beats him as long as he gets beaten.

Later that night...

I do not understand why my Father still refuses to meet me. But, I shall find out tomorrow, when I see him.
But, what will happen to Taro and Hanako...? What will happen to Adell...?
Father is the God of All Overlords. Anyone who opposes him is executed. Surely they shall be seen as enemies.
No...! Maybe if I beg Father, he will release his curse on the humans...
Then, there would be no reason to fight. Yes! That is the solution!!
Hm... Such wishful thinking...
To meet my father, we must win. But, then they would die...
What am I to do? Please Father, tell me...

The Snow Clan shall have its vengeance...
Though my eyes see no light, my heart sees everything. I know who you are, Daughter of the Overlord.
Wh, what!?
Your death will surely bring him out! I'm sorry, but you have to die!!

I couldn't get a good screenshot that really conveys the action here. Yukimaru leaps at Rozalin and Adell charges in and blocks her attack

I didn't see you with the others, so I thought I'd better look for you.
You went looking for me...?
Adell...! How long were you listening?
Did you hear me talking to myself!?
You shouldn't be worrying about that right now, but if it makes you feel better, I didn't hear anything.
Is that so...? Great.
More interlopers...! I won't allow you to interfere with my vengeance!!
If you won't back down, I shall take all of your lives! Now!!

This doesn't sound much like the Yukimaru we first met. Something strange is clearly going on here. Anyway we are thrust into a battle now.

Event Battle

This has the potential to be the most difficult map yet, especially since it's unexpected. You fight level 28 Yukimaru? in a geo panel setup that's terribly adverse. The entire map is covered in Evade and Disperse Damage. Evade pairs with Yukimaru?'s already high speed to make hitting her exceedingly difficult. Disperse Damage is a new effect. When a character on a Disperse Damage panel takes damage or healing all their allies on the same color take 10% of that damage or healing as well. Since the enemy is alone, this has no effect on them at all. If you bunch up well you can prevent her using Blade Rush to stack huge damage on your party by hitting multiple targets. Luckily she's not got that much staying power once blows start landing and healing will help negate the Disperse Damage effect. Arrange things so that your toughest characters take the brunt of her direct attacks and focus all the firepower you can on her.

Event Battle Outro

Next time, I will have my vengeance... Be prepared...
What is up with her...?

The next morning...

Huh? You don't think we can make it, Rozy?
Th, that's not what I meant. No matter what, I have to win to see my father.
...That's right. We have to win, no matter what.
Huh? Adell, you don't think we can win?
Why do you keep thinking that? I was just trying to plan how to defeat Zenon once we've won...
Oh? So, you both think we'll lose?
...Let's just go. Round 5 should be starting soon.

The Event Battle takes the place of the first of the four maps in this Episode, and unlike most of the maps it cannot be replayed in any form. We're closer and closer to meeting the Overlord, for good or for ill...

Next Time on Disgaea 2: The Heroes and the Snow