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Part 23: The Heroes and the Snow

Chapter 21: The Heroes and the Snow

Last time we got ambushed by a somewhat suspicious version of Yukimaru. Today we fight a group of noble heroes and get a new friend.

Drama- Fifth Battle Intro

He must be expecting to be on TV. But I doubt they will put him on.
Allow me to introduce your opponents for Round 5!! These Champions of Jusice come all the way from the Milky Way Galaxy!!

Oh shit. They don't mean...?

Prism Yellow: Our seven lights spring to the task-
Prism Green: To save the world with courage and hope!!
Prism Purple: With our powers combined... We are--!!

Tardo! How can you say that? What about them is cool? They haven't even combined their power...
We have to fight them...? Is this a joke?
Indeed. They are called the Prism Rangers, yet they do not even have all seven colors of refracted light...
OK... That's not what I meant, but hey...
Prism Blue: Red! There's a child among the group of demons!
Prism Red: No! Don't be fooled by that child-like form! Those are demons alright!
Don't you remember our last battle against demons? We can't let our guard down, even if they look like women or children!!
Hey, you. How can you call yourselves Prism Rangers when you only have 5 colors?
Uh, hey. Don't get too close to them.
Prism Green: Ahhh! D, don't come any closer!!
Hmm? Was that an attack?
Prism Green: R, Red!! The power of justice! It has no effect!!

It doesn't feel right, but we have no choice. We have to fight them to win.
Sorry about this. Hmmm, I've never pitied an opponent so much before...
Prism Red: Ha! Th, there's no way the Prism Rangers can lose to demons on some backwoods, country planet.
Here we go, guys! It's Prism Time!

Map- Fifth Battle

And it's the Prism Rangers, of course returning from Disgaea with two new colors. If you listen, the BGM is Captain Gordon's theme from Disgaea. Each Prism is on a set of panels of their color. The Rangers are pretty pathetic honestly. I pretty much defeat the map entirely with Adell and Rozalin. The best panels to fight on are the Blue Evade panels, which can really help mitigate the effects of the Red Enemy Boost +50% panels. When you get down to it a Prism Ranger +50% isn't that bad, though, because 150% of zero is still zero. Adell and Rozalin are up to a 30% chance to perform team attack.

Drama- Fifth Battle Outro

Yeah, well, needless killing isn't really my style... you know?

And he said it again. It feels like it gets more frequent as the game goes on but that might not be true.

Prism Red: * cough* To have a demon take pity on me... It's the greatest disgrace to a Champion of Justice!!
Don't worry about it. I'm human.
Prism Red: Stop lying!! The demon detector in my suit is telling me that you're a demon!
It must be broken. There's no way Adell is a demon.
Yeah, Overlord Zenon's curse didn't work on Adell. He's the only one who isn't a demon.
There you go. Now, get outta here before other demons show up to kill you.
Prism Red: Damn it! You haven't seen the last of us! We'll get new rangers!!
We'll get two more colors to complete the true Prism Ranger team!
Fools, you better find two more rangers before you call yourselves the Prism Rangers again.
Ah, Princess. Way to find yourself obsessed over a minor detail eh. I am glad it is with somezing as important as color scheme.


...So, we meet again. Was the magic flute helpful to you...?
Oh, uh, yeah, it was... But, what are you doing here?
...I am a servant of Overlord Zenon. It should not be unusual for me to be here...
Father... Is my father here!?
...You shall find out if you win, Princess...
...But, I did not forsee you entering the battle arena. I am sure Overlord Zenon will be quite surprised.
W, wait! Can you please not tell him I am here?
If he discovers I am fighting, my father might avoid meeting me... Please...?
...I understand. I shall do as you wish...
That's pretty strange. She's Zenon's servant... But, she's so nice.
Overlord Zenon employs pure demons, such as me, as well as altered humans.
If she was once a human, she may still have a shred of conscience left.
After all, ze Overlord doesn't strip away a human's entire conscience.
I see... So, she might just be another victim.

At this point everything we find out only raises more questions, but in the fullness of time we'll understand exactly what's going on with the Masked Demons. Anyway it's time for the semi-final. I'm sure you'll recognize our opponent.

Drama- Semi-Final Intro

(When I defeat Zenon, I'll turn my family back into humans...
Their bodies, memories, and conscience... They'll get them all back!
That's the only reason I fight. Ever since I was a little kid...
So, why...? Why do I feel hesitant now...?)

So, why do I feel hesitation in my heart? I will finally get to meet my father, who I have always longed to see...
Is it because of fear? Or because Father and Adell will try to kill each other...?)


Ha! Your insults won't affect me, because I have the perfect opponent for you!
She's a super assassin from the village of Snow Melody!! She is the genocidal kunoichi, Yukimaru!!
I didn't wanna fight you, zam. I'm sorry, but it was a fate that can't be changed.
The lease I can do is heed the soul of chivalry and hope for a clean and fair fight, zam.
Hmph, you want a fair fight? Are we supposed to pretend like your little attack yesterday never happened? Huh?
Attack? What are you talking about, zam?
Do not feign innocence with us. You tried to kill me, you coward.
That's not true, zam! I woulda remembered attacking you! Please do not falsely accuse me!
...Does she really not remember? What's going on here?
Can it be that there is a second Yukimaru who intends to take my life?
Or, does she have a split personality, like Tink...?
I get it! You are trying to confuse me with false accusations, zam!
I almost fell for it, too, zam! You're already using your tactics, zam!
Now it's my turn! Here I come!
To accomplish my mission! Victory will be mine, zam!!

Map- Semi-Final

After all the tricky maps that we've been seeing with crazy Geo Effects this map comes as somewhat of a surprise. It's a straightforward brawl. Yukimaru comes with a whole bunch of Ninjas and Kunoichi. Ninjas are familiar threats to any Disgaea vet, who will remember them as highly evasive but easy to defeat if struck from the back. Kunoichi are the new female ninjas, and they are a substantially different threat. They will unleash a variety of really nasty status effect spells that can seriously mess us up if we aren't careful. They're a bit less evasive than Ninjas but are still a hassle to hit sometimes. I strongly suggest dealing with Yukimaru with Rozalin and any other gun users you have, because she's even harder to hit than her minions. There's no real trick to this, though, just deal with the enemies in sections and show them no mercy.

You'll also notice I've gotten some new abilities on my characters. I'll go over more of them next time around, but the biggest one for this update is Rozalin's Kneel Before Me. It hits a cross shaped area and increases the ATK, HIT, and INT of everyone in it. It's pretty much the best buff spell in the game.

Drana- Semi-Final Outro

Hey! What the hell are you doing!?
Don't try to stop me, zam! When a ninja fails a misson, zam, there is only one option left...!
But, do you have to die? Isn't there another way you can complete your mission?
No!! Without winning this competition, my mission is too difficult to accomplish, zam!
Now that I have lost, chivalry demands one last heroic deed, zam!
She sounds convinced, but she's just standing there. Maybe she wants someone to stop her.
Yeah. Lookit! Her hands are shaking!
Fine, I'll handle this...
Why are you giving up so easily? I thought your mission was important...
If your mission is really that important, you can't just give up. You gotta do whatever it takes to get it done.
For instance, if I were you, I'd force my way into the group that beat me and try to carry out my victory with them...

Wrong thing to say.

Thank you. Your manly physique and your romantic voice have convinced me, zam.
From now on, you shall have my blade. I will fight with my body and soul for you, zam!
System Message: Deeply swayed by Adell's manliness and cologne, Yukumaru joined the group!!
Just, don't get too close to me. I, I don't like girls that much.
Are you certain, Monsieur Adell? I am not so convinced zat she is completely innocent. Why not torture her for a bit?
Yeah. She wanted to take Princess's life. She might be dangerous.
It is fine. You should learn to hate the crime, not the criminal.
Besides, I know she is not the one trying to kill me. ...I think.
Princess, you believe her, too? Are you sure we should forgive her so soon?
Do not worry, Taro. I have good judgment when it comes to people.
We can trust your brother's decision this once.

We just got Yukimaru, who is one of the most effective story characters. She's a Kunoichi, but it's better to think of her as a Disgaea Ronin, because that's what her weapon masteries are like. She's got a variety of nasty Ice based specials and is going to be a big help soon. Oh and that music playing at the end is Elegy of the Tundra. I have an arranged tracks version if it which I'll put up later. It's one of my favorites from Disgaea 2.

Next Time on Disgaea 2: The White Tiger Strikes! Rock on White Tiger!