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Part 24: The White Tiger Strikes!

Chapter 22: The White Tiger Strikes!

Last time on Disgaea 2 we fought the Prism Rangers and Yukimaru joined the team. Now it's time for the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny with the king, nay the GOD of this arena.

Drama- Final Battle Intro

Hahahaha! You're right! And there is no better opponent for the final battle of the competition!
Who...? Is it really... Overlord Zenon himself!!?

How many times do I gotta tell you? In this arena, I AM GOD!! And based on my own bias and judgment, I won the other semi-final!!
But you were the referee!! Fine, I don't care anymore... Do you really think you can beat us?
Of course not! What are you, stupid!?
But, we haven't aired on TV yet, so we decided to make this video ourselves! Director! Extras!
Everything's ready, Axel darling!
Now, if you'll just try not to hurt me, we're all set! This is gonna be great!
At least he looks good when we beat him up.
We fight all the way to the final battle and we hafta fight him. Man do I feel stupid...

Map- Final Battle

And we're fighting Axel again, and this time it's really on. You'll notice that instead of the normal bgm that plays when we're fighting Axel this battle features White Tiger. White Tiger is Axel's actual theme, and features composer Tenpei Sato on vocals. This is probably the most difficult map so far in the game.

We have to deal with the opposition in parts. We start with a pair of armor knights blocking our path, flanked by archers and gunners in positions to support them. We cannot directly reach the archers or gunners thanks to No Entry panels and pits, so we have to deal with them at range. The armor knights won't move but will attack if we enter range. After we pass this, we fight a pair of Magic Knights in the middle of the map. Defeating them allows us to engage the second set of armor knights, gunners, and archers, which we deal with the same way as the first. Axel is alone after the second set. He's much higher level than last time and as always takes half damage from humans. He hits very hard, gets lots of counters, and honestly has the potential to wreck your shit if you're not strong enough or careful enough.

I actually get pretty lucky in this map, because Yukimaru's passive ability to afflict enemies with Forget, which prevents them using skills, went off on Axel. His normal hits hurt, but at least he can only hit one person with them. There's really no trick to this map, though, it's a very straightforward check on how strong you are.

Drama- Final Battle Outro

Why, God? Why? What did I do to deserve this...?
I'm starting to feel kinda bad for you...
Hey, come on, cheer up. This is supposed to be our moment of victory.
B, but...
I kinda get the feeling that all your bad luck started when I beat you up the first time, so I wanna help you.
Plus, you did lend us a hand when we went to rescue Taro.
...Wha? Whata, what do you mean?
Just follow us with a hidden camera. You might be able to get Overlord Zenon on tape.
Y, you'd do that, f, for me...?
But then you're on your own. ...We're even.

You even pity a fool like Axel? You are too kind.
That's not it. I'm just trying to set things right.
Princess! Congratulations on your victory eh. Now you can finally meet your father.
Yes, that's right. And if I ask my father, he might be able to turn you back to normal as well.
Oh ho ho ho... I do not zink you will have much time to worry about anyone but yourself.
T, Tink...?
Zere is no need to worry anymore. I shall have ze pleasure of killing you now!
Murderer! Miss Rozalin! Please stand back!

Wh, what happened!?
Aww, he's dead. What does frog taste like?
Good bye, Tink. You know, he was actually pretty fun to have around.
I will look after Princess now. Rest peacefully, Tink.
He lived in vain. The more he prospered, the more he declined. What a depressing life, zam.

Wh, what is this...!?
There are two Yukimarus! So, there was a second one...
Zat is ze fake Yukimaru who tried to attack ze princess. If not for zis masked woman, you would have died.
Yukimaru?: I was so close...! How dare you interfere...!!
...Leave now. I do not wish to kill you...
Yukimaru?: Rrr...!

You... Why do you keep helping us? What do you want?
...I do not understand it myself. I just, wanted to...
...In any case, you are the champions. Overlord Zenon is waiting for you in the sub-levels of the Colosseum...
...Overlord Zenon. Finally, the time has come...
(My father is below the Colosseum...?)
We won, but Princess doesn't look very happy to me...
Neither does Adell. That's weird.

Yukimaru knows much more than she's saying right now about who's trying to kill Rozalin, though we won't find out more on it for a while yet. This is the end of Episode 7, so it's time for Netherworld News!

Drama- Episode 7 Ending

Axel just doesn't seem to be able to get any luck so far. Anyway get ready, next time we meet Overlord Zenon!

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