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Part 26: Zenon Appears!

Chapter 23: Zenon Appears!

Last time we became the Battle Arena champions. Today, we meet Overlord Zenon!

Drama- Episode 8 Intro

Besides, you're the one who should be nervous.
Why should I be nervous? I am excited to finally meet my...
What is wrong with ze both of you? You are acting very strange. Zis is supposed to be ze fun part.
You're right. Hey Adell, after all this fighting, you should try to enjoy your reward.
You're so stupid, Hanako. He's about to meet Princess' dad... How can he be having fun?
My heart is racing and I'm just worried about screwing up the greeting.
...You're stupid, Tardo!
Hehehe, you're great at releasing the tension right before we meet Overlord Zenon, zam.
Thanks to you, I'm not even nervous anymore, zam.

This must be the lowest level. OK, everyone, don't let your guard down.

My father is down here...? Father... Where are you?
Hmhmhmhmhm! Haahahahahahaha!
O, Overlord Zenon!?
Indeed! I am Zenon, the God of All Overlords!!
(Such a dignified voice... He is certainly the kind of father I have always imagined.)

Now, which one of you is Demon Lord Etna!? Reveal yourself, now!!
Demon Lord Etna...? This whole battle arena thing was to catch her?
That's right. I sponsored this competition to lure Demon Lord Etna out into the open.
And, to rid myself of all who oppose me. To think, they are willing to kill each other for the chance to kill me.
What's the deal? Overlord Zenon is just an old man...
He may look like an old man, but zere is more to him zan just zat. And just saying zat can get you killed.
Ohhh!!? Wh, why!? Why are you here...!?
Father... Oh, Father... You can tell it's me?
Father... I have waited so long to see you.
Why didn't anyone tell me you were here...?
I did not plan for this to happen!! What is the meaning of this?
Father...? Are you mad at me?
I just wanted to meet you, Father. Was that so wrong...?
No, no, it's not that... I just didn't expect to see you. I'm just surprised... in general.
(So, this is Zenon, the one who cursed the world to turn it into a netherworld...)
(If I defeat him, I can change everyone back to normal...)
(Dammit...! He's right here in front of me. Why am I still hesitating?)

While Adell's humming and hawing over what he's going to do, someone else takes some initiative.

Miss Rozalin, I am sorry, zam. I thought you were from my home, but you were Zenon's daughter all along...
Oh...! How cruel is fate, zam?
But, I have a mission, zam! Please, forgive me!
Yukimaru! Your mission was to...!
Overlord Zenon!! You destroyed the Snow Clan! Now is the time to avenge them, zam!!
The Snow Clan, you say...?
You... you're a survivor!? I thought I exterminated them all 15 years ago...
Let me introduce you to the rest of your clan...

...Guards, kill the traitors...
...But, do not harm the princess...
Hmph... We are outnumbered!
Father...? Why are you doing this?
Capture the princess, unharmed! Take her back to her mansion!
F, Father! We finally meet... Why are you doing this!?
Is this the end, zam? Sir Adell, Miss Rozalin! I have shamed myself...
I, Yukimaru, shall apologize with my life...
Idiot! Now isn't the time for that! If we're gonna survive, we need you in this fight.
OK! Listen, we're gonna handle the filming. You guys just handle the fighting!

Well that wasn't exactly a happy family reunion. We're forced right into a battle as this Episode begins.

Map- Event Battle

This has the potential to be a very difficult map. There's loads of strong zombies and a dragon. The dragon is the largest threat, because his specials hit very hard. Make sure not to use fire against him, he takes no damage from it. You can lure the zombies out piecemeal once the dragon is down, but if you end up fighting him and the zombies you could be in some serious trouble because everything on this map is very tough compared to what you've seen so far.

Oh and don't worry, while he's in the scene we do not have to fight the Masked Man. That would have been a very bad thing.

Drama- Escape

These happen a lot more as the game goes on. There's a second one later in this scene too.

As long as you don't give up, there's always hope!
But, isn't it getting worse?
Yeah, we're gonna die. Does it hurt to die?
Oh, I do not want to die. Can I not go back to being Overlord Zenon's servant?
Father, please... Please forgive them...
I know that they have commited treason by opposing you, but they all have important reasons for doing so...
Father, you raised me so carefully! You loved me so much!
For the sake of your benevolent heart, please let these people go!
Father... Please? I, your daughter Rozalin beg you!!
Princess... I understand your request.

Well surely we're about to get a reprieve then.

Or not. Surprisingly, Overlord Zenon's not a nice guy.

F, Father!!

Well, we're doomed. Surprisingly short game, Disgaea 2, ending like this with our party around level 25. I mean, it's not like anyone's going to save us...

Beauty Queen Etna!!
I came to kill Overlord Zenon, but it looks like you're having so much fun with these guys... How's a girl to choose?
You are Beauty Que- er, Demon Lord Etna!? But, you're just a girl!
I prepared countless traps to stop you... But, it seems I've overestimated your power!
Guards! Destroy this little girl!! Leave no trace of her behind! Bwaahahahaha!
Hahahaha... Overestimated, huh? Um, don't you mean underestimated?
Ahhh, why do they even try?
Overlord Zenon. If you're not gonna take this seriously, just give me the title.
I wanna be Etna when I grow up...
This is our chance, zam! Sir Adell, here's our chance to escape!
No! I finally found Zenon... And running away isn't my style...
Adell!! We have to escape now!
T, Taro!? What...?
We can't beat Zenon like this! I know how you feel, but we have to think about Princess!
Princess has been hurt the most by this trap. We hafta take her with us!
...Yeah. You're right, Taro.
Rozy? Is it OK if you can't stay with your dad?
I... I do not mind. I wish to leave, immediately.

Demon Lord Etna... You're a little better than I expected!
But, how can a mere Demon Lord even hope to defeat me, the God of All Overlords!?
I shall make a bloody example of you to show what happens to anyone who dares oppose Overlord Zenon!
Zenon; Huh!? Why are you laughing!?
Because soon, I will hold the title of Goddess of All Overlords...
Oh, and thanks for not getting yourself killed by some schmo before I got here...
Errr! Don't mock me!!
Come on, Zenon... I have a little treat for you!!

Then we better eat these. I made some rice balls just in case.
If you're tired form the earlier fights, eat one to restore some energy.
That's great. Good girl, Hanako.
Hehe! Here, Rozy. Eat one. You're hungry, right?
Y, yes. Thank you...
Cheer up, Princess. You can't help it if your dad's a jerk.
...You're right, Taro. Thank you. I feel much better.

So now we're stuck in Episode 8 until we complete all the maps. We go to a lobby in between maps with all the fixtures of a town, but the only map we have available is the next Episode 8 one and of course the Item World. If you're at this point and too low level, the Item World is really your only option. This is where you really want to make sure your equipment is top of the line, because that can really help increase your effective character level.

Next Time on Disgaea 2: Flight