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Part 27: Flight

Chapter 24: Flight

Last time on Disgaea 2 we met Overlord Zenon. Today it's time for us to run like hell!

This Episode is a string of maps one after the other. We don't currently have access to any maps from the Dimension Guide other than the next Episode 8 one. These maps are, for the most part, gimmick maps that can be won even if you're a bit under leveled, which is handy because the only option available to you is the Item World if you're too low level.

Map- Hades Corridor

This map can be completed without touching a single enemy. Three lines of No Entry panels block your way to a set of Stage Clear panels. All you have to do is clear the No Entry effects and end someone on the Stage Clear panels to win. Tink's Sonic Roll ability can let him bypass the No Entry effect as long as there's something for him to hit in the path. The Geo Symbols are of course convenient to this end. Stage Clear is a new effect that ends the map in a win at the start of any of your turns if one of your characters is on it.

Map- Loser's Gallows

This map bring back the Geo Monsters. A Geo Monster with the No Entry effect moves from green to aqua and back each turn. This creates a gating effect on the map slowing your advance. The only enemies on the map are four Mages, all on Evade panels. They'll attack from the other side of the No Entry barriers. Hit them with Gun skills, Sonic Roll, and anything else you can throw at them while you advance. If you can get a solid hit on them they'll drop.

Map- Confession Room

This map is covered in panels that provide Enemy Level +10% and Silence. Hordes of low level Sinners lie in wait. As long as you can clear the Enemy Level +10% symbol quickly this map is a joke, the enemy levels start very low.

Map- Survivor's End

This map is a straightforward slugfest. We fight a series of powerful enemies a couple at a time. We fight two sets of a Mage and Ghost and two Dragons. They're all pretty high level but if you got to this point you should be okay. Just remember to avoid fire on the Dragons.

Map- Putrid Courtroom

This map looks really intimidating at first, because there's lots of enemies with terrifying Geo Effects supporting them. It is absolutely imperative that you throw someone back to the Geo Symbols and clear the effects on turn one. Once you've done that just kill the Clerics and slowly pick the enemy apart. You can use the AI of the enemies on this map against them. They won't move from their initial positions for any reason, which makes this map far more manageable. Just keep your vulnerable characters out of range of the enemy archers and armor knights.

Drama- Episode 8 Ending

How about the rest of you?
I, I'm fine... Who do you think you're talking to?
Hanako: I'm all sweaty. I wanna go home and take a bubble bath.
I got shin splints...
Oh ho ho. Zat is ze one advantage of being turned into a floating frog.

Wh, what do you mean? Are you going to let us go?
Did my father tell you to do this? He did, didn't he? See, my father does care for me...
...Overlord Zenon is currently fighting Demon Lord Etna. Please leave while you still can...
Oh... My father is in no position to be thinking about me right now...
Why...? Why have you helped us so many times?
You're not really one of Zenon's servants, are you? You used to be human, right...?
Then, why don't you come with us...?

Sir Adell! We can't stay here much longer, zam!
Hanako: Hey! I can see outside!!

And that's all there is to the rest of Episode 8. Now it's time for the news. Hey, I wonder how that fight turned out...

Episode 8- News

Oh, now that's not good.

Next Time on Disgaea 2: A New Plan