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Part 28: Summoned Overlord

Chapter 25- Summoned Overlord

Last time on Disgaea 2 we fled the Battle Arena and Etna defeated Overlord Zenon. Today, we aren't so sure things are what they seemed.

Drama- Episode 9 Intro

Adell, unaware of Zenon's defeat, was filled with anger toward himself.
His heart was torn by the thought of his family.
Rozalin was also deeply saddened by her encounter with her father.
Her faith in her father was deeply tested.
Was she truly loved? Her confusion gave way to doubt.
And, as the sun rose, a familiar voice brought astonishing news...

I thought you should know, I took care of Zenon for you. ...Well, for me really, but hey!
Wh, wh, what!?
Im, impossible. Father was...!?
You defeated Zenon...?
...But, his curse hasn't been lifted.
Yeah! I know! Something's wrong.
I went to all the trouble of beating Zenon, but my title hasn't changed to Goddess of All Overlords, or even to just Overlord!
I checked my status and it still lists me as Beauty Queen! What's the deal!?
Shouldn't it say Demon Lord?
Oh, I had that hacked a long time ago.
Say... Was that the real Overlord Zenon?
W, well... He took one look at me and knew I was the princess, so it had to be him...
Oh, right... Never saw your father.

Yes, that must be the reason! My father would never say such horrible things to me. It had to be a fake!
Oh, a fake, huh? Well that would explain why my title didn't change, either...
Hmmm. I, Yukimaru, made a grave mistake, zam. I misidentified my clan's greatest enemy.
Oh shoot. I thought I finally beat Zenon, too. What a gyp.
Cheer up, dood. We'll find him soon. Want a cup of Prinny Juice?
...No. I'll just eat some sweets 'til I feel better.
Sorry to bug you. See you later, doods.

You could always try to summon Overlord Zenon.
Hi, Mom.
But, we tried that already. Besides, won't that take years to prepare again?
Even zough you are a great summoner, getting ze real Zenon won't be easy.
To summon "Overlord Zenon" specifically will take years to prepare again, but it's pretty easy if we use certain other conditions.
For example, summoning "The Strongest Demon in the World" isn't that hard.
Mm, that should summon Overlord Zenon, right?
Is that a fact? In that case, why didn't you tell us earlier?
Because I don't have all the materials to summon "The Strongest Demon in the World." And, you guys were so busy before.
I don't wanna sacrifice any more of my life.
Oh, I don't need life energy for this summon. I need a piece of a really strong demon... Like, an Overlord's Nail would be perfect.

A Demon Lord's Nail with equal power to those of an Overlord. Is there even such a Demon Lord?
Demon Lord Etna!!
All right! Let's go find her!!

Well, something's clearly wrong somewhere, because as they said the curse is still in place and Etna's title never changed. But at the same time, even Zenon's servants seemed to think that was Zenon we met. All we can really do is look for Etna at this point so we can try to summon Zenon again.

Next Time on Disgaea 2: The Search for Etna.