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Part 29: Curse

Chapter 26: Curse

Last time we decided to search for Etna so we could summon Overlord Zenon. Today, we learn a bit more about the Curse.

Drama- Alche City

Once we find Etna, we just have to hope she'll give us a Demon Lord's Nail...

Drama- Dead Metropolis Intro

The principle of prosperity and decline... Child, you are very knowledgeable, zam.
My name's not child, it's Hanako. And I read about it in one of Dad's books.
But, why would Etna come to a place like this?
Master Etna's a slave driver, dood. Why do we all have to move out here all of a sudden?
Living in tents was pretty boring, dood. But making us take over this city is just cold-blooded, dood.

Hey! Wait!
There was no need for them to run... Where do they learn their manners?
Well, if they're around here, then Beauty Queen Etna can't be that far away.

Map- Dead Metropolis

This map can easily represent a significant difficulty jump from the previous chapter if you've not been diligent in your leveling. The entire map is covered in Enemy Boost +50% supplied by a symbol on the other end. The opposition consists of level 30-32 Marionettes, Ninjas, and Kunoichi. These enemies all have very high SPD, which can make hitting them a challenge for some characters. Try to bring the Ninjas down in one hit, when their health is low they become hyper-evasive. The big risk is that the tower throw required to bridge the gap to the Enemy Boost symbol will leave any weaker characters in it open. Expect to lose anyone not in at least the mid-20s if they're part of the Tower.

Beneath the Veldime Coliseum...

Drama- Dead Metropolis Outro

...More humans will be lost to the darkness...
...But, won't ruling the people before more difficult if more of their consciences are drained...?
...That is not our concern. We are meant to serve...
...I have begun to question whether it is right for us to exist like this...
...I wonder if I have forgotten anything important. Ever since I met that young man.
...Young man?
...Yes. That young man with pure eyes...

Holt Village...

That was mean, honey.
And no, that still looks too complicated... I remember something about Adell's parents.
Really!? What is it? What do you remember?

The screenshot does not well convey this, but the screen is covered in black fog and particles.

...What. Was. That?
N, no. That wasn't me. That was the pimple on my chest... Really!

Alche City...

What? Stop making things up. Uh, Hanako, did your wings just get a little bigger?
Really? Alright! I'm on my way to becoming a mature woman.
Uhmm... What was that dark feeling...?
You noticed it, too? It looks like Zenon's curse is growing stronger...
Sir Adell, you seem to have been unaffected by Zenon's curse, zam.
Yeah. Zenon's curse doesn't work on me.
Really? Is it an ability you were born with? Or are you wearing some kind of magic shield, zam?
It's not because of some item. I guess I was just born with it...
Wow, that's very interesting, zam.
Maybe Sir Adell is the chosen one, sent here to defeat Overlord Zenon, zam.

Drama- Grave of Alchemy

Chances are, the fake was probably just a double to fool assassins, right?
...That would make sense.
Well, I'm sure we'll find out more after we summon, "The Strongest Demon in the World."
Hmmm... Are you sure? Once we do summon my father, what are we going to do next?
I'll know when the time comes. Look, you wanna meet your real father, right? You will meet him, just as I promised.
Hmph, I won't hold my breath. After all, you failed when you summoned me.

Map- Grave of Alchemy

The Grave of Alchemy is a perfect leveling map. Two squares of four enemies stand on Exp +50% panels. Be careful, though, the enemies can all dish out serious damage if you let them get turns.

Drama- Grave of Alchemy Outro

Changed? ADH didn't change. ADH is keepin' it real, old school style, yo.
What part of this is the Dark Hero!? Now, you're ADH, the Pop Hero!
You've forgotten the soul of the Dark Hero! The Dark Hero was the master of evil! He was the, the poster boy for bad intentions!!
You're not in touch with the in crowd. You don't understand the evolution.
I see. ...Well then, I guess there's nothing more to say, Axel...
...I'm sorry for wasting your time. Good luck... with your movie.
???: ADH! You're needed on the set! Please assume your role as Melancholy Alien Lala!
Surio! I'm on my way! Lala!

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