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Part 30: Showdown in the Ancient City

Chapter 27: Showdown in the Ancient City

Last time on Disgaea 2 we started looking for Etna. Today we'll summon the Strongest Demon in the World!

Drama- Altered Town Intro

Hmmm. That's true. And when Rozy called him "Father," he didn't say, "I'm not your father."
Something else was strange, zam. Though I can't remember very much of my childhood, I thought he looked familiar...
That's why I thought he was the real Zenon. But, he was fake, zam...
But, he talked like he knew the Snow Clan intimately, zam...
Ohh, now I'm really confused, zam...! * sigh*
I, too, zought he was Overlord Zenon. But, of course, I have never met him before.
Zose masked people were calling ze fake one Overlord Zenon, too. Zerefore, I zought he was ze real one...
Oh ho! My head, she starts to hurt, eh. * Le Sigh*

These are all compelling points. Rozalin is really anxious to say that's not her father because she'd prefer it not to be but the evidence really doesn't suggest she's right.

Map- Altered Town

Altered Town is somewhat of a gimmick map. It uses the Disperse Damage effect introduced in the map with the false Yukimaru. There are enemies you can't reach that are on Disperse Damage panels. You need to throw enemies on to the panels and kill them to damage the out of reach enemies. They can heal, so you need to hit them as hard and fast as possible to ensure they die before they can heal. The wolf-like beasts on this map hit very, very hard, so be careful of them. Each chapter since Chapter 3 sees Adell and Rozalin's chances of performing a team attack increase by 10%. Now it is up to a 50% chance, and for the first time outside the tutorial, they actually perform one.

Drama- Altered Town Outro

Calling herself a Demon Lord when she clearly has the power level of an Overlord. Was it a trick to catch me off guard...?
...Overlord Zenon. Do you think now may be the time...?
What? What are you talking about?
Ah, yes. Because of my condition, the seal has begun to weaken...
Then I shall place you under the control of my seal once again!
Grrrh...! Gaahhh...!!!!
Haahahahahaha! You shouldn't make me waste my power...
Go find the princess! Once we have her back, we shall have nothing to fear!
...As you wish, my master...

Um, that was... odd. So Zenon is back. And that masked woman called out Adell's name. That's sure peculiar. I'm sure nothing's going to come of that, though. Oh and this next scene has some great voice acting on the part of Etna.

Drama- Snarling Capital

We have a little favor to ask you... Can you give us a piece of your nail?
Huh? Why? You got some crazy fetish or something?
N, no. That's not it. It's um... It's a personal matter. But we really need one of your nails. Just a clipping.
Personal matter...?
Yes, you see...
(Mmm, mm, mmph...!? A, Adell!?)
(Shhh! We're trying to summon Zenon, remember? What do you think she'll do if she finds out?)
(...You're right. She wants to kill my father to steal his title.)
Uh, what are you two love birds doing? Don't make me have to bust out the hose.
Insolent fool! How dare you lay your hands on me!!
Ow... What was that for!?
Oh, you guys... You really want a nail clipping?
Y, yes. Will you give us one?
Then let's play a little game. You have to fight these Prinnies here. If you win, I'll clip my nails.

Huh!? She's changing the rules on us, dood!
That's not a new rule. It's always been like that. Good luck.

Map- Snarling Capital

This is a different sort of gimmick. The map is covered in Enemy Boost +50%, and there's really no way to get to the symbol and clear it without expending an unreasonable amount of effort. What's more, there's a constant stream of prinnies being created by a set of Clone panels in the back. Our general strategy is to throw prinnies into each other to chain explosions. We want to end up getting prinnies in a position to throw one into the back where the two source prinnies for the clone panels are. It's not really worth your time to kill the prinnies with violence, they'll spawn too fast for that to be a reasonable strategy.

Drama- Snarling Capital Outro

Are you sure it's OK?
A promise is a promise.
Right. A promise. We, uh, better get going.
...You're a pretty nice person.

Oh, just a little prank.
That wasn't my nail. I gave 'em a Li'l Devil's Sticky Nail. I bought a whole bunch of 'em on the Netherworld Shopping Channel.
Why would you do that, dood?
Because, if I had to fight a fake Overlord Zenon, then they do, too.
Besides, this planet is boring.
Ha ha! What a dork. "...You're a pretty nice person." Pwaahahahaha!
Uh... Was there a reason you had us fight, dood?
Nope. I thought I might be fun to watch. But, a promise is a promise. Heehehehehe!
...We're doomed, dood.

I'm sure that isn't going to come back and cause Etna problems later.

Later, in Holt Village

It's gonna be Overlord Zenon. That's why we got the Demon Lord Nail, remember?
Brrr... I'm trembling with anticipation, zam.
I feel ze need to go to ze little froggy's room. Oh, perhaps it is already too late.
Ice grilled newt, toad oil, mushroom juice, a bacon stretcher, and a Demon Lord's Nail... We have everything.
Here we go!
Finally, the real Overlord Zenon...

Ow ow ow ow ow... Ouch...
Why'd we summon Etna...?
Oh, what went wrong this time?

And we summoned Etna. Super. Guess it's not gonna be this easy after all.

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