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Part 31: The Two Ninjas

Chapter 28: The Two Ninjas

Last time we accidentally summoned Etna. Today, it bites us in the ass.

Drama- Episode 10 Intro

No, no, you got it all wrong. I'm not trying to make fun of you.
Well, I don't know who the hell you were trying to summon, but the terms of the summon ritual are up, and I'm gone.
You owe me one! No, let's make that two...
She is not someone you want to be indebted to...
It looked like the summon ritual worked, but why did Etna come out?
Though it pains me to think of it, could it be that Etna is "The Strongest Demon in the World?"
Then we have to limit the summon down to Overlord Zenon...

And now it hits the fan.

My level went down... A LOT! It's all your fault, isn't it!?
But, we didn't do anything to affect that.
That's strange... We used all the right materials, so an accident like that shouldn't have happened.
Hey, Adell. You did get us a real Demon Lord Nail, didn't you?
Yeah. I got it from her... Beauty Queen Etna.
Eheh hehehe heh...
So, the Demon Lord Nail you needed was an ingredient for that summon?
Well, yeah.
Could it have been a fake?
(Oh, don't tell me... This is all because I gave 'em that fake nail...
Why did it have to go wrong like this?
Damn! I've had the worst luck, lately!
Looks like I have to resort to the politician's golden rule: "If they can't prove it, deny, deny, deny.")

This is all your fault! You're gonna take full responsibility!
Take full responsibility!? How?
The TV news already reported that I killed Zenon, but they don't know he was a fake. Other Overlords are already on their way.
If it wasn't for your stupid summon, I coulda handled them easily. But now, those Overlords are gonna kill me!!
So this is how it's gonna be... I'm gonna stalk you everywhere you go until I get back to my normal level. There's no escape!
System Message: Beauty Queen Etna is stalking Adell.
You can't be serious...
Our plan to summon my father just made everything worse...

So now Etna has joined the team, and while she's back to Level 1 she's worth building up. She's got much better base stats than she did in Disgaea, and she's a solid A rank in Spears, Axes, and Guns. We're going to have her use Axes, because Axes are awesome and I want to show them off.

Also she's stalking us, I just want to point that out because it's an even better system message than we got when Yukimaru joined. Anyway, now let's find out what epic conflict awaits us in this Episode.

Drama- Carcassed Lands

Hmm. You have very noble servants, zam.
It is touching to see such loyalty to one's master, even after zere level has dropped.
Huh...? Master Etna's level dropped, dood?
Yeah... Because of their stupid summon, my level plummeted...
Level plummeted...? Dood...?
...Well, thanks for the long years of employment you gave us, but as of today, we quit, dood.
Hey! C'mon you guys!
With our work experience, we expect to be hired by kinder employers who pay a lot more, dood.
Do you really expect to get away with this? Because you will come to dread this later. And I will laugh and laugh...
Now that Master Etna's level is so low, there's nothing left to fear, dood.
Freedom at last! Good-bye, dood!
Wow, you must've been really horrible to them...
Well, you guys seem awfully chipper. Now, let's go chase them down and punish them!
Huh? Why us!?
Because this is all your fault. Now shut up and run after them!

Oh dear. Now we have to go do Etna's bidding. Can this get any worse?  Of course it can. 

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