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Part 32: Prinny's Got A Brand New Bag

Chapter 29: Prinny's Got A Brand New Bag

Last time on Disgaea 2 Etna started stalking us. Today, we go chase after her loyal servants.

Drama- Rotten Fields Intro

Do you have a grudge against me or something?
...Ah, I recognize these symptoms as the common practice of taking your anger out on other people.
Aw, no matter how intimidating you are, your lack of level is eh, sad. Oh, poor former Demon Lord...
That little remark just earned you number 42 on my "To Kill List." You better watch out when I regain my levels.
Moi? But why? It was my naughty personality zat said it. I swear!
So, Tink is the 42nd to die... Then, who's the first?
Oh, ho ho. That spot is reserved for the person I could kill over and over again, and I'd never get enough! Hahaha!
Overlord Zenon is just a stepping stone. The one who I really need to defeat is...
Hm... Looks like you've planned your entire life out, both personal and professional, zam.
...Etna's so cool! She's like a career demoness.

Map- Rotten Fields

This map represents another significant jump in annoyance from last Episode. The map is covered in corridors of red No Entry panels. There are gaps that can only be thrown over. The opposition are all Cockatrices, who will barrage you with ranged skills as you try to approach. With a few powerful characters, ideally one who has learned a healing spell, push over to the back of the map where the No Entry symbol is and kill it, killing all the Cockatrices along the way. Once the symbol is down you can clear out the stragglers with ease. The last enemy is finished off with a Tower Attack. What's that, you say?

Disgaea 2 101: Tower Attacks

One of the new features of Disgaea 2 is the Tower Attack. A tower of characters has access to the Attack command now. The range is determined by the size of the stack, and each character in the stack gets a hit in when we do the attack. Each character also gets a cut of the experience points, so this is a good way to level up weak characters, since they can't be targeted while in the stack.

Drama- Rotten Fields Outro

Really? Well, you do seem promising. Maybe I'll train you myself...
OK, here goes. Originally, I served as the vassal for this stupid punk Overlord. But, we got in a fight so I ditched him.
I wanted to show that brat up, so I decided to kill the God of All Overlords and steal his title.
Heh, when I grow up, I wanna be a Demon Lord, just like you.
Ahahahaha! You're pretty funny, kid. I'm sure you can become one... Well, maybe not quite like me.
(That's the last thing I need... A Demon Lord for a sister. That can't be good...)

Episode 10- Luring Nightmare Intro

We'll tell you, dood! We have a great big brother now!
With the great advice and latest equipment that our big bro gave us, our confidence is at an all-time high!
We've been reborn, dood! I bet we could even transform into the legendary Pringer X, dood!
I don't know what they're talking about, but this can't be good for us...
I wanna know who this big bro guy is. Do you see a guy like that around?
They all look the same to me.
Why don't we just beat 'em up one at a time?
Zat is a great idea, eh. Shall we begin?

Map- Luring Nightmare

This map has the potential to be very annoying. The entire map is covered in Evade, Warp, and Critical. What's Critical, you might ask? If you are on a Critical panel and are hit you die instantly. So, everything on the map is really evasive but dies if it is hit. What's more, the positions of all units change randomly every turn. Just remember that there's no No Lifting protection so you still have the option of throwing Prinnies to destroy them. Ranged attacks are good choices, especially bows/guns since you should be able to cap out the hit chance.

Also, after we clear this map it undergoes a radical change. The Prinnies are replaced by Archers, and the entire map is covered in EXP+50% panels. This makes it a perfect leveling ground.

Drama- Luring Nightmare Outro

Pimple: If it was up to me, I woulda chose to grow between the breasts of a swimsuit model, not some dull, old man.
Oh, I only wish you knew what it's like to be me on a guy like you.
Oh, uh... I'm sorry.
What are you apologizing for? At least now you have a personality.
R, really?
But, if Zenon's curse gets any stronger...
Adell, you better hurry up before it's too late...

Dad's pimple really is magical every single time. Anyway, for the three people who read this and were really confused about what Etna was talking about, she used to work for a friendly fellow named Laharl. You can learn more about their history by playing a little gamed called Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, or alternatively by reading the LP of it on the archive. Next update sets the climax of the game in motion pretty much, so get ready. Things are about to get heavy.

Next Time on Disgaea 2: Prinnies' Secret Benefactor: Fubuki Strikes!