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Part 34: Awakening

Chapter 31: Awakening

Last time on Disgaea 2 we battled the Ninja Master Fubuki. Today we try to save him!

Also this next section is one of my absolute favorites with some really awesome lines. Make sure you watch the video because it's pretty quick and really awesome.

Drama- Episode 11 Intro

Th, this evil feeling... The same as... from...!?
Haahahahahaha! Indeed!! I am the one who led you and your precious Snow Clan to destruction!
Urgh...!! How convenient of you to appear before me...
Even as this body rots... I shall destroy you at last...!!

By the way, just so we're 100% clear on what happened, Fubuki just killed Overlord Zenon in a single hit with his Midare Fubuki technique. When he said he was holding back he wasn't kidding.

No... Isn't there something we can do?
...Tink. Open Fubuki's mouth.
As you wish, Princess.
Hey, what are you gonna do?
I am going to use the Remedy that we got from the Colosseum.
It is a good thing I held onto it, just in case something like this happened. That was a good deal of insight on my part.
Miss Rozalin! Fubuki tried to take your life...
Do not worry. After all, we may be from the same clan, right?
Miss Rozalin...
Don't worry about it. Besides, it would be wrong to refuse to help the family of your friends.
Sir Adell... Thank you...

Fubuki's still in pretty bad shape, though. Say, didn't Old Man Geo even mention knowing Fubuki?  Yes he did, go back and check. 

Drama- Shinra Tower

I remember he said there were secret herbs and spices hidden within his tower.
Oh yeah. I think he said he lived in Shen, no, no Shin, Shinra Tower, I think.
Secret herbs and spices? Do you think they might have one that can restore my levels!?
Well, given that they're secrets, it may be hard to find them.
So, the Shinra Tower... Let's go check it out.

Little did our heroes know this fateful decision would be the beginning of the end of their journey...

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