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Part 35: Tower to the Sky

Chapter 32: Tower to the Sky

Last time on Disgaea 2 we saw Fubuki trash Overlord Zenon. Today, we're heading to the Shinra Tower.

Drama- Geo Challenger Intro

Hanako, you have a vast wealth of knowledge. You will make a great demon someday.

Old Man Geo: Oh, you're that boy from the Colosseum...
The secret herbs I told you about were stolen!
What are the odds!?
Damn! Could it have been that fake Zenon again?
If it was, we better get them back, quick. I want those herbs!
Old Man Geo: Be careful... This tower is full of Geo Puzzles that I set up myself...

Map- Geo Challenger

Here's the first of the Shinra Tower maps. The map is divided into four sections separated by No Entry barriers. Each section contains two monsters on pedestals. Once we've destroyed all the No Entry barriers, we can access the middle. The center has Invincibility panels and a Cleric. We throw the symbol off and smash her after we've killed all the other enemies.

Drama- Geo Challenger Outro

Oh yeah, I was curious about that, too. What happened?
Hey, you two. It's not polite to just ask questions about that kinda stuff point-blank like that.
...No. You are all like my family now.
Now's the perfect opportunity. I'll tell you all about it, zam.

But 15 years ago, when I was only 5 years old, zam.
The village was attacked, our people were massacred, but the village chief grabbed my brother and me. We barely survived, zam.
My brother's eyes were wounded, and he hasn't seen light since then, zam...
We trained hard with the chief so that one day, we could avenge our clan, zam.
15 years have passed since then. With his last breath, the chief gave us one last mission, zam.
To destroy Overlord Zenon and avenge our clan.
So, my brother and I set out to fulfill our mission. We traveled the world, searching for Zenon, zam.
And during your travels, you heard about the battle arena and met us...?
I see... So, that is why you were intent on taking my father's life...
...But, the one who destroyed your clan was the fake Zenon, right?
It seems that way, zam.
I wonder why the fake Zenon decided to destroy your clan?
I don't know that either, zam... Only the fake Zenon knows for sure...
Looks like we'll have to confront this fake Zenon again, and soon.
He may be the cause of everything.

Oh, and Rozalin's got a new attack now, her level 50 character special. It's called Rose Liberation. It's one of my favorite attack animations of all.

So, most of these maps have at most one drama scene. Some have no story at all.

Map- Witty Contest

Witty Contest throws us up against another hilarious Geo Setup. The map is covered in Red, Green, and Blue panels that increase the effects of Fire, Wind, and Ice magic. There's a pair of Geo Monsters in the center that provide Attacks +1 and Silence. They will randomly move from color to color. The enemies are all mages, and their element matches up to the color they're on. Hit them hard and fast and try to engage when the panels are favorable. Magic Knights can buff your elemental resistances if you're having problems with the damage coming in.

Drama- Witty Contest Outro

I had to waste even more energy to restore my body again...
And to think that a survivor of the Snow Clan could wield that kind of power...
Though I was lucky to get a chance, it's a good thing I destroyed the Snow Clan 15 years ago...
...Overlord Zenon. I don't mean to offend you, but strengthening the curse even more could be dangerous.
Yes, I know... But to recover from that last battle, I have no other choice.
...Draining more consciences may destroy the delicate balance. The humans that become monsters may revolt...
I understand that, as well... That is why I am trying to limit the curse to a minimum.
If I really wanted to regain all of my powers, I would have drained all human memories and conscience long ago...
Let us return to my castle... I will need to go into hiding, until I can restore my powers...

Map- Death to Cowards

This map sees a new gimmick come into play, the Reverse Damage effect. This makes damage heal and healing damage characters on the panels. All the enemies are Geo Masters, so they have both damage and healing spells. This effect is great for leveling healers, because healing spells have a lot of effect. There's four chests on the outer ring with the Geo Masters, so if we throw someone out there we can get some extra loot.

Drama- Death to Cowards Outro

Pimple: Sorry, honey. I think I got locked in the pimple this time...
I love boobies!! Oh yeah!
Pimple: See? I'm your real husband.
Eh, whatever. At least now your body has more personality.
Anyway, it seems like Overlord Zenon's curse is getting stronger more often. What's going to happen to us?
Pimple: Overlord Zenon's curse...
What is it?
Pimple: Well, about Adell's parents. I think they had something to do with the curse...
What!? Oh, that sounds kind of important. Anyway, we're getting close to the final episode, so go ahead and say it.
Pimple: Huh? Oh, yeah...
All hail the Boobie Kingdom!!
...Are you OK?
Pimple: Oh, what...? Sorry. That outburst made me forget. Aha, haha, heh...
Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

And with that there's no more story this update, just maps.

Map- Defiler Ambition

This map is a real pain. It's covered in No Entry barriers, there's Enemy Boost panels, and tons of archers and casters. You need to take out the No Entry effects as quickly as possible to neutralize the Enemy Boosted mages as soon as possible. You also need to make sure your advancement in the map isn't too fast, because the archers can really hit hard. There's no real tricky strategy here.

Map- Evil Temptation

This map is a pretty straightforward slugfest for Shinra Tower. Four level 50 dragons of various types are the opposition. The map is a mosaic of panel colors, and Geo Monsters with a variety of effects randomly move around. Try to best use the panel setup you see each turn, and heal anyone who gets hit by the dragons' nasty attacks or loses health to the Ally Damage 20% effect. There's no real strategy beyond taking the dragons one at a time and hitting them with overwhelming force. Adell and Rozalin are up to a 70% Chance to Team Attack.

Map- Warped Knowledge

This map has the potential to be absolutely brutal. There's four mages, one of each element type, in the center on pillars with Warp and Invincibility. There's also four monsters on the outer portion, a Mystic Beast, a Warslug, a Dragon, and a Holy Dragon. These are all immune to some element of special attack, so be careful. You need to throw people over to the Invincibility symbols and throw them off of the aqua panels so that you can kill the mages as quickly as possible. The largest threat among the monsters is the Mystic Beast, as he hits incredibly hard.

Well this Episode has been pretty story light so far. But that's all about to change next time, because this is about to get real crazy.

Next Time on Disgaea 2: The Gates of Death Open