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Part 36: The Gates of Death Open

Chapter 33: The Gates of Death Open

Last time on Disgaea 2 not much happened. This time we meet an old friend and some things happen.

Episode 11- Holy Tower Intro

Uh, hi, Prince!!
Where do you get off thinking you can go create mischief without my consent? What kind of vassal are you!?
Is this the guy you said you wanted to kill, and kill and kill?
That's him. The stupid Overlord that I used to serve. Prince Laharl...!
And we have yet another freak...
What are you doing here, anyway? Do you have any idea how much we missed you?
We didn't have anyone to cook, clean or do the laundry! You even took all the Prinnies! My castle's a mess!
And here you are playing with... them!? This is outrageous! It's unforgivable!
Uh, Prince, I'm not your vassal anymore. I came out here to be on my own, and become an Overlord myself.
Stop being selfish! No vassal of mine is gonna move out on their own.
Whatever... Look, Prince, I know you took the secret herbs, so give em back already.
What are you talking- ...Oh, those.
Do you have them? Fork 'em over. They're mine.

With those herbs, I might've recovered my levels!
Why must you always go out of your way to screw up my life, you little brat!?
What's wrong with you? Are you hungry or something?
I'm pissed off! I don't care about our level difference! Today, I'm gonna beat the living crap outta you, you hear me!!!
Don't you know anything!? It's a million years too early for you to beat me!

Map- Holy Tower

Okay, okay, we're about to fight Laharl (if you don't know who that is somehow, I strongly suggest you look into a little game called Disgaea: Hour of Darkness). He's an Overlord, but it can't be that bad, right?

Oh we're so screwed. Anyway, you really don't want to win this because if you beat him you get an End of Cycle. Just pull everyone out and bunch up so he can own you more quickly. This is about to get serious.

Drama- The Gates of Death Open

Damn it...! If I was my normal level, I wouldn't have lost...!!
Now!! Return to being my vassal!
Wait! Etna is a part of my group. I cannot allow you to decide her fate.
Y, you...
What's with this woman? Who do you think you are, talking to me, Laharl the Overlord, like that?
I am Rozalin, daughter of Overlord Zenon! I do not fear you!!
What? You're Overlord Zenon's daughter?

I don't know, Laharl, that seems like it might not be a great idea.

Rozalin, are you alright!?
Miss Rozalin...!?

Was it you, kid...? Don't you know the price for disturbing my slumber...?
Don't you touch me!! Seems like someone wants to be taught a lesson!
W, wait! Stop!

Are you my enemy...?
What!? My Overlord's Wrath didn't work!?
Why do you challenge me...? I do not wish to fight...
I am a being of solitude... If you come near, the gates of death will open...

Event Battle- Dark Liberation

Now we've got a rematch with our little buddy Laharl, except that instead of a Base Panel we get 'Rozalin?'. 'Rozalin?' has a huge pool of health and crazy stats even unequipped. There is basically no way to lose this fight. Let's see that special.

Laharl never stood a chance.

Drama- What Am I?

You can play with your new friends today, but you'll return with me next time!
So, you better have fun now! Haahahahahaha!!
Rozy!? You were awesome! The way you beat the prince... totally awesome. Where did all that power come from?
Princess. Can it be zat the blood from your fazer has awakened?
Are you my enemy...?

I am a being of solitude... Destined to gather the souls of fools...
Hey! What's wrong with Rozy?
A, Adell, Princess is scary.
I am a being of solitude... Cursed to wander the eternal void...

Adell slaps her is what we're about to see, in case you can't tell.

C'mon. Get a grip.
Wake up, Rozalin.
Aren't you Rozalin, Overlord Zenon's only daughter?

Oh, you're back to normal.
Wh, what was I...?
Are you OK? Did I slap you too hard?


Well that was pretty damn strange. Rozalin became incredibly powerful for just an instant there. You might be able to guess what that means, but trust me when I say you don't know the whole story, not even close. You might think you're out of awesomeness for this update. You're dead wrong.

Drama- The Dark Hero Returns!

Rock on, Dark Hero! Everything's staring to come together.

Next Time on Disgaea 2: Castle Raid