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Part 38: The Road to Armageddon

Chapter 35: The Road to Armageddon

Last time on Disgaea 2 we set out to find Overlord Zenon's Castle. Today, we will travel along the path.

Drama- Overlord's Sign Intro

No. I'm just thinking.
It was the fake Zenon who destroyed your clan, right Yukimaru?
Yes. The fake one is our clan's true enemy, zam.
So, do you think Zenon's curse is really the fake one's doing also?
So, it may not be father's fault?
It is a possibility. When was your clan attacked again?
It was 15 years ago, zam.
Overlord Zenon's curse started spreading about 15 years ago, too. I doubt that's just a coincidence.
Hmm. That does seem suspicious...
Alright, so if we can defeat that fake Zenon, everything should wrap up nicely.
Hmph... I think you're just looking for an excuse to fight.
That's ridiculous! I'm doing-
Hey! How long are we gonna wait here? Let's go already.

Map- Overlord's Sign

This map is covered in a horrible Geo setup. There's two EXP +50% and one Enemy Boost +50% not on any panels. You could in principle clear all the Geo Effects by throwing the Enemy Boost in the right place and destroy it, but I find it easier to just use one of the EXP +50% symbols to clear the effects then throw the other one on. You don't get as much benefit but you also don't need to dick around.

Drama- Overlord's Sign Outro

Maybe I'm just afraid of fighting the real Zenon... of fighting Rozalin's father.
I've hated him for so long... I swore to defeat Overlord Zenon for turning my home into a netherworld...
Damn it... Why am I so conflicted? What's wrong with me...?
Can I really fulfill all my promises? They've all started to... blur?

Drama- Crystalline Maze Intro

What happened...? I felt my consciousness slip away as if something inside me broke free...
I wonder what it was...
Even though I'm pretending everything is fine, how long can I go on like this?
Father... Please tell me what I'm supposed to do?

Map- Crystalline Maze

So, this map is sort of a bastard. There's two sections, one with Enemy Boost +50% and one with Enemy Boost x3. You should throw someone over to the Enemy Boost on Red and throw it onto Green while you deal with the Succubi and Holy Dragons, then throw everything back to Red to deal with the Zombie Dragon. Soon, though, we're gonna be longing for the salad days of this map.

Oh, and I've gotten a couple of new Unique skills. Adell gets Vulcan Blaze at 50, which is another seriously Dragonball Z attack that does a bunch of fire based physical damage. Etna gets Chaos Impact, which is substantially upgraded from the Hour of Darkness version. Instead of hitting an really strange area, it hits all adjacent squares. With an axe equipped it absolutely smashes things, because it's ATK based.

Oh, and some of the source video ended up with odd quality problems, so for a few of these I'm going to use a minimal number of shots.

Drama- Crystalline Maze Outro

If Monsieur Fubuki dies, what will happen to my body...?
Will ze magic break when he dies, returning my body to its original form?
Or will ze magic be sealed forever, and I will never be able to return to normal...?
Ah... Zis is an important matter for me.
...I must try to rescue him for now. I can kill him later, if I find out zat ze magic breaks when he dies...

You do not need to zank me. I am simply a modest demon who was raised to serve. I just want to do my duty.

Drama- Mysterious Trap

I was only able to withstand our harsh training because you were with me.
If not for you, I wouldn't have had the willpower to go on.
A man of few words... But, you were my kind and loving brother.
Now it is my turn to save you! I'm not Yukimaru, the coward anymore!
Sir Adell taught me the strength in never giving up! I'll never give up on you!
We shall avenge our clan together. Then, Fubuki, we can truly live!!

Map- Mysterious Trap

This is a map on a time limit. The whole thing is covered in Aqua No Lifting panels. An Enemy Boost x3 Geo Monster is moving towards Aqua, and will reach there in about six turns. You need to all speed rush over to it and kill it any way you can, because if it reaches the panels you're in serious trouble. Once it's dead, of course, the whole thing is pretty trivial.

Drama- Mysterious Trap Outro

This time, I remember everything about Adell's parents, for sure.
Oh, really? Well then, what kind of people were they?
They were...

Ha ha you didn't really think the game was going to finish that sentence did you?

Drama- Dancing Fools Intro

But not just yet. I'm gonna stalk these kids until I reach a level I can be happy with.
Besides, I'll have to power my level up higher than his before I could ever be his vassal again. A girl's gotta have pride...
I just gotta look forward to killing this fake Zenon again and regaining some levels. Hmhmhmhmhmhm...

Map- Dancing Fools

This map is sort of deceptively simple. Most of the enemies are just straight up targets to be killed with no Geo Effects to back them up. The one that DOES have a Geo Effect is incredibly powerful, though. A Prism Mage surrounded by an impenetrable barrier sits on an Evade panel. You might notice two identically colored panels elsewhere. The trick of this map is to lift a Warp symbol onto the panel and warp her back towards your Base Panel, then mash her hard. If you try to engage her straight up on her panel though she'll Omega spell you into oblivion.

Drama- Dancing Fools Outro

Drago: I am Drago the Dragon Overlord! Supreme ruler of the evil dragon graveyard!
Hilda: Overlord Princess Hilda! Overseer of the vampire houses.
Jeda: Dark Hunter Jeda! Dark collector of severed Overlord heads.
Hmph! Fools drawn to the title of God of All Overlords like deer to headlights...
I am Overlord Zenon! And now, you are all dead!!

Drama- Agito the Reaper Intro

No matter what happens, I'll protect Princess to earn my role as her greatest servant!
See... Just like that.
OK! Let me try one.
I will defeat the fake Zenon, thrusting me into the highest rank of demons!
I will be as cool as Etna, but twice as sexier!
Whaddya think?
Uh, I guess that was serious-like.
Taro! Hanako! Stop fooling around! It's dangerous around here!

Map- Agito the Reaper

This is by far the trickiest map so far in Disgaea 2. The whole map is covered in a variety of unfavorable Geo Effects. What's worse, the symbols aren't just on little floating islands you can't walk to, there's also a No Entry effect stopping you even getting close. You need to use Warp symbols to get to the effects, clear them, then come back and engage the main enemy force. Start by clearing the Ally Damage effect, it's the most immediately threatening and you can also get the Enemy Boost while you're there. Watch for Omega spells from the mages once you engage the main force, they can be a real drag.

Drama- Agito the Reaper Outro

...Alright. But, don't push yourself.
Adell... Are you afraid of me?
What!? Afraid?
The incident at the tower... Though it is vague, I still remember it.
The thing inside me lashed out violently.
If I didn't hear your voice... I...
If the same thing happens again, I don't know if I'll be able to stop it.
I fear that I may hurt Taro or Hanako, or...
Adell. If I lose control again... Promise me that you'll kill me...
...No. Don't even joke about that.
I promised that I would protect you. Did you forget that?
Don't worry. I always keep my promises... No matter what.
Hmph! I don't need you to act all cool! I can take care of myself!
I just had a moment of weakness! Just, forget I said anything!!

Next Time on Disgaea 2: Masquerade at the Castle Gate