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Part 40: Extra Chapter- Prism Rangers Return

Extra Chapter - Prism Rangers Return

Here's the first of the Extra Stages. It's available after passing a proposal at the dark assembly.

Drama- Rangers Return Intro

Prism Green: Our courage races near speed C velocity!!
Prism Orange: Supah pahti! Fantastic spahkaru! Let's gooh nambah waan!
Prism Indigo: Uh, yeah, ahem, I'm um... ya see, I'm not really supposed to be here...
Prism Purple: We're here! We cheer! Get used to it! With our powers combined-

Yes! This time there really are seven of you!
I guess so, but... What's up with the dorks in the orange and indigo?
Prism Orange: What you say? You're not enjoying of the supa color?
Prism Indigo: Oh, um, well they sort of, forced me to dress up like this. They offered me an amazing salary, with insurance. I couldn't refuse.
Don't you guys have any kind of standards?
Prism Red: We had no choice! They were the only ones who showed up when we called for volunteers!
I mean, it's not like we don't have a ton of friends! We do! There's seven of us here now-so there!!
Okay, man. Calm down. I'm just saying, when I look at you guys it makes me want to cry.
No matter. I respect the effort they went through to gather all seven together.

Map- Rangers Return

This map puts you up against the new improved Prism Ranger squad, with Indigo and Orange added. They're all level 50, and have gained a ridiculous new attack that shoots a giant rainbow cannon. But come on, it's the Prism Rangers. There's absolutely no strategy to this map beyond 'kick some Prism Ranger ass'.

Drama- Rangers Return Outro

Listen up, alright? Pay attention, because I'm only going to say this once...
You wouldn't stand a chance in hell against an Overlord like him!
Prism Red: Y, you mean...! You really think we're that bad?!
Ahh... I sort of already knew that. I know we're pretty lame.
But that does not change our ambitions! To be the greatest Champions of Justice!
Hm. I can respect your spirit. But that's about it. Just your spirit.
Prism Red: Then we will allow you to be the guardians of our task! Since you're way stronger!
Take this! It is undeniable proof of our blazing friendship!
System Message: Adell has received the title, "Prism Black"!
Prism Red: Now you are the 8th Prism Ranger! The fate of the Champions of Justice, and the world, rests in your hands!

So, Adell's title changes from Demon Hunter to Prism Black after we clear this map. This title change is purely cosmetic. Then again, such an easy to access and clear extra stage really isn't going to have very good rewards. We'll see some more extra stages soon enough, but this is the first and easiest of them.

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