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Part 41: The Final Path

Chapter 37- The Final Path

Last time on Disgaea 2 we killed Adell's parents. Today, we take the final steps towards Overlord Zenon!

Final Episode- Intro

We can't hesitate any longer. We know that everything that happened was because of the fake Zenon. And his power is at its lowest.
(There is no holding back. As Adell would say, all that is left is to do our best with all our strength...)
(My only concern is that whatever I have inside may try to take control again...)
(My greatest source of power... Is it worse to use it and win, or not use it and lose...?)

Drama- The Lords' Party Intro

He's all beat up already. Are you sure he's the last boss?
Aww. Looks like we missed all the opening acts. But he's ready for us to take him down.
Imposter! How dare you besmirch my father's name! I shall cleanse my father's legacy by destroying you!
Imposter....? So, you still don't recognize...
Princess... I am your father. I have watched over you since you were born.
You still persist with your lies! I shall match your shamelessness with mercilessness!
Do not let their fantasies cloud the realities that you know. Have you forgotten my wealth of affection...?
The beautiful mansion I built for you. The finest furniture, crafted just for you. The servants who answer only to you.
The bouquets of flowers and gifts that were delivered to you everyday, as a reminder of my affection for you, Princess.
How do you know about that!? You were supposed to be an imposter...
Is that what they told you to turn you against me? I assure you, I am your father. I am Overlord Zenon!

If you are her real father, you should be able to prove your affection with your heart, not your words.
You... You must be the boy who planted these useless ideas into the Princess' mind.
If you hadn't exposed her to the vileness of the outside world, she would have remained pure and obedient for her entire life...
The Princess is mine... I will not allow you to interfere...

Map- The Lords' Party

This map represents a substantial jump in difficulty from previous episodes. The enemies are all high level Ninjas, Kunoichis, and Swordsmen. They are all stationed on No Lifting Evade panels, on which they are very difficult to kill. There's not much in the way of trick to this map. You need a lot of raw power and to advance slowly across the map, dealing with enemies as few at a time as you can manage. They have powerful advanced skills that can really mess you up if you let them.

Drama- The Lords' Party Outro

...These clowns are hard enough to beat at the beginning of a battle. Having them as reinforcements is just wrong.
If we still had that magic flute, this would not be so bad. But...
That music... ...Can it be!?
Ah, over there!

"Why is that?" you ask! Because it's just cooler that way!!
Uh, we didn't ask that question. But, why are you here?
So that I can once again be the Dark Hero! For my final episode, like a phoenix I have sprung from the ashes of my former self!!
...OK. I don't know what you're talking about, but what's your plan for us?
I'll handle this place! You guys go on ahead! Ha haaa!
Alright! Let's go!
Bye-bye. Good luck, Axel.
We shall not let your death be in vain, zam!
Wow... They just left me here...
Oh well! The Dark Hero thrives on danger!
Get ready to see the full ferocity of a Dark Hero when he's outnumbered in the wild!

Map- Time of Trial

This map is pretty nasty. The whole thing is covered in Enemy Boost x3 except for an area in the middle. What's worse, it's also covered in No Lifting. There's a Damage 20% symbol way on the other side with a No Entry barrier that makes access difficult. There's some tricks you can try to pull with knockback abilities to clear all the Geo Panels but I don't really bother. I kill the three high level Mages near the start, then use the Damage 20% effect to kill everything else on the map except the Wood Golem. Then I lure the Wood Golem off the Enemy Boost effect and kill him too. It's not really that hard in the end I guess, but it's long and annoying.

Drama- Time of Trial Outro

In the name of Axel, the Dark Hero, I declare that none shall pass!
The soul of this Dark Hero is ablaze! I will show you all my true power!

Those are truly the actions of a Dark Hero! Ah, this is wonderful. Just like the old days...

Drama- Killers' Hall Intro

...If it will accomplish my mission, then I will embrace even death. And mine alone should suffice for today.
Fubuki! Even if you are able to avenge our clan, their spirits will say that exchanging your life for it is paying too much!
Yukimaru... What do you mean?
A real ninja will gladly exchange their life to accomplish their mission. Were you not taught that...?
Yes, that is what I learned, zam...
But to accomplish your mission and live, isn't that what makes a skilled ninja, zam!?
Accomplish the mission and live...? Why didn't I think of that?

...You are just giving up, zam!
I will never give up, zam! I will accomplish my mission, and then I will live to restore Snow Melody, zam!
Brother... you are my entire family, zam...
If you should fall, I...
Fubuki! We will fight together, zam! We will complete our mission together, zam! And then we will survive together, zam!
You have matured, Yukimaru...
I beg you to forgive me for my past actions. And, thank you for taking such good care of Yukimaru.
That is all behind us. The only thing that matters now is how we move forward.
Besides, I don't remember doing anything special for her. I'm pretty sure she just grew up on her own.
No apology is needed eh, but it would make me very happy if you could change my body back to normal...

What you are is a full-grown ninja. Do not be afraid. I believe in you.
OK! Ready, Yukimaru!? Match your breath with mine!
Uh, oh! I'm ready, zam!
Hidden Technique- Midare Fubuki!!
System Message: Yukimaru learned Hidden Technique - Midare Fubuki!

Map- Killers' Hall

This is either a very easy or very difficult map. You need to tower throw over to a symbol that will level all the enemies up by 10% at the end of each full turn. The enemies all start very low level but will quickly be overwhelmingly powerful. The character who destroys the symbol will likely be stuck if they can't jump extremely high, so take that into account. Fubuki helps with the fight, and he hits pretty hard as well. It's an easy map at that point. Yukimaru how has Midare Fubuki as well, which hits incredibly hard.

Drama- Killers' Hall Outro

I understand...! I, Yukimaru, will fulfill my mission, zam!
Don't get yourself killed, Yukimaru...
Of course not! I will come back alive, zam.
Fubuki, rest quietly for now. We will return shortly, zam.
Yukimaru... You gave a new light to a heart that was caked with blood and revenge...
Live, Yukimaru... Live, not to avenge our fallen family, but to blaze a new trail for yourself...

Map- Final Decision

This map has the potential to be punishingly difficult. Every enemy is extremely powerful. There are two No Entry barriers that separate you from the last enemy and the biggest threat on the map. On the other side of the map are four Ally Damage 20% Geo Monsters. After a few turns have passed, the Geo Monsters will start moving onto the purple panels, eventually leaving the map covered in Ally Damage 80%. You have to be done on the purple panels by then, because otherwise you're doomed. Every enemy on this map is powerful and you need to have some serious juice to get them killed in a timely fashion.

Drama- Final Decision Outro

(Here I go! For my final episode!)
I am Axel, the Dark Hero, the legendary Overlord Zenon's right hand man!
I'm offering a special today on guided tours to Overlord Zenon's Castle. You won't find a better guide anywhere! So pay up!
Once everyone's paid for the service, I'll show you the shortest way to Overlord Zenon. And that's a promise!
And, of course, along the way I'll show you to the best tourist spots in Veldime. As I said, there's no better guide!
(Hmhmhmhm, suckers! That takes care of these guys!)
(While I buy you the time, hurry up and do what you gotta do... My eternal rival...!)

It's time. There's nothing left but to throw down with Overlord Zenon. Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of Disgaea 2!

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