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Part 42: Final Chapter: The Sinful Rose Blooms

Final Chapter: The Sinful Rose Blooms

This is it. This is the end. There's nothing more between us and the truth of what's been going on. Well, almost nothing...

Drama- Viewing Room Intro

You old men are all the same... No stamina. And now us girls have to find our own way to amuse ourselves.
Looks like Axel's boring news show came in handy, after all.
Altered humans...! Do you truly believe you can defeat me, Overlord Zenon?
I don't know, but I'm sure we can take out a fake one or two!
You're getting arrogant because you think my power is waning...
But, don't you know? As long as there are humans in this world, my powers are limitless!
Bwahahahaha!! I shall devour every human conscience!!
Go ahead. Once you turn the humans into monsters, you'll have no way of controlling them.
Hmph... Once I get the Princess back, I'll have no more use for this world!
I'll just find another human world to conquer! But you don't have to worry about that, because you'll already be dead!!
Uh, uhnnn... Princess... My head feels weird...
Adell... I feel like I'm gonna faint...
Taro! Hanako! Hold on to each other!

I must return alive, zam. But now I must avenge my clan!!
I'm not trying to save the world. I just want to protect my family!!
I won't lose to you!!

Final Battle- Viewing Room

This is it, the final boss of the main storyline of Disgaea 2. This is a straight up brawl of us versus Overlord Zenon. Let's take a look at him:

This is Overlord Zenon at the start of the fight. He's got 20k health and takes half damage from anything with a Fire, Wind, or Ice descriptor. He's got a powerful area of effect special and elemental spells to throw at us. He also can move through characters, so you can't trap him despite his slow movement. The general idea is to throw your biggest attacks at him in combos while doing your best to control what he's going to attack and ensure that none of your valuable characters die. The fight's pretty easy for the first half. When his health reaches about half, he'll change forms.

This form is much more vulnerable to attack, but it has gained a powerful new attack, Dark Howl. This attack does enough damage to smash any weak characters aside with ease. Throw everything you have at him and drag him down in as few turns as possible, because this is where attrition can really start to affect you. Rozalin's gun specials are in general incredibly effective against Zenon and are good choices for the ends of combos. Overall Zenon is much easier than the Seraph in Disgaea, given that he's all alone and that we have much more space to maneuver. You should be able to defeat him with decent gear and levels in the mid 60s to 70 range.

And now it's the time for the final revelation.

Drama- The Sinful Rose Blooms

You get your power from humans, yet you don't know how powerful we really are!!
Boy...! It's much too early to talk about victory!
The real battle begins now!!
You're still gonna lose!
Owww. My head hurts!
Adell! It, it hurts...!
Haahahaha! DIE!

A, Adell...!
Ugh... heh, you alright?
Fool! You want to die!?
Princess, come back to me and I shall spare their lives...
You are mine... A gentle trophy to behold...
Whatever he tells you... Don't believe a word of it...
But if I don't, everyone will die... What choice do I have?

Here it comes...

Why do you awaken me from my peaceful slumber...?
I traveled to the edge of oblivion to escape the bloodshed. And yet it seeks me out, even here.

Overlord... Zenon...?
Thanks to you... I remember who I am...
Ah, I see that the memories of your past life have returned. ...So, you should also remember me.
Since I lost to you, not a single day went by that I didn't think of revenge...
But of course, you were much too powerful. I had no chance of beating you with a direct challenge...
But then you solved the problem for me, when you came here to reincarnate and escape your violent existence.
I searched you out, kidnapped you, trapped you in a mansion, and raised you as my own daughter...
To keep you forever trapped in a life of idle insignificance... That was my revenge!!
The knowledge that you admired me as your own father validated my superiority! Bwahahahahaha!!
And? What is this history lesson about?
Wh, what...!?
I have no interest in your worthless quest for revenge...
You nameless fool... If you have finished telling your story, go ahead and die...
What!? You still look down on me!?
All that remains is to destroy you. Then, my satisfaction will be complete...!
Heh heh heh... Overlord Zenon!! Die!!!!

Im- Impossible!
Is it over...?
No, you fool... You are also my enemy.
I am a being of solitude. To me... everything is an enemy...
Are you confused with the memories of Overlord Zenon...?
...If you want to kill me, then go ahead. But, please spare the others.
Why do you not resist?
I promised that I would protect you... So, I will not fight you.
...Your nonsense... shall not save you...
What happened, Princess? We're not your enemies!
I am a being of solitude. You are my enemy...
But, you're not alone anymore! You officially made me your servant!
I cannot trust in servants... Servants will betray me and die.

I have no friends... All I have are enemies.
And what about me? Is your childhood friend you enemy, too? When we were kids, we were inseperable.
Everyone who has ever come close to me, has betrayed me...
Miss Rozalin, you helped us to save my brother's life, even after he tried to kill you... Where did that kindness go, zam?
...If I had my memory at the time, I would have killed him myself...
Look, not that I care if you kill them all, but doesn't being controlled by memories from a past life kinda make you a tool?
What do you know about it...? No one can understand my vast loneliness...
You aren't alone. You have friends that care about you. ...And Etna.
S, silence... You're all enemies...!

I promised to protect you.

That's not all there is, though. Here comes the credits.

Credits- Sparkle, Become A Star


Dear Tardo,
How are you doing? I'm doing good.
I got some treats from Yukimaru and Fubuki the other day. They were excited about rebuilding their village.
By the way... Are Mom and Dad still mad?
I guess it's normal for them to be mad that I did something like this, especially after we turned into humans.
But, I already made up my mind. I guess it's like that time you decided you wanted to be Rozy's servant.
Anyway, Tardo, it's about time for you to go out and find a girlfriend.
Tell Adell and Rozy they better get along with each other, too. Hanako

Hanako. We gotta leave soon.
Today, the Prince wants us to go out to the Sea of Gehenna and send this King Dragon packing. OK?
Tardo. I'm gonna be a Demon Lord for sure!

So that's the main story. Now, let's consider the truth of Overlord Zenon's existence, and all the evidences thereof. First and most obviously, the summoning at the beginning. We summoned Overlord Zenon, and sure enough she appeared. Rozalin constantly commented that she hates violence and fighting, which all comes from Overlord Zenon's reasons for reincarnation. Rozalin has a dream of Overlord Zenon when she destroyed a hundred overlords in a single battle. If you look closely, the figure in the dream is definitely Rozalin and not the fake Overlord Zenon.

The game then pulls a sort of double-blind on the player. It sets things up for the characters to become sure the Zenon they're seeing is a fake while the player is set up to 'know' he's not. The amusing thing of course is that Rozalin is correct that he's not her real father for all the wrong reasons. Of course, when Laharl shows up and Overlord Zenon breaks out for the first time the first real suspicions of the truth might start. The game then starts moving faster and throwing the revelations about Adell's past to try and distract you from what's going on and from thinking about all the foreshadowing earlier.

So, since I bought the World of Disgaea 2 I had an interesting revelation as to the chain of events that led to Veldime becoming a netherworld. I had always sort of assumed that the subplot wherein Rozalin looked like a member of the Snow Clan was just a misidentification. But, reading Harada's notes on one of the pieces of artwork suggested things were very different. When Overlord Zenon reincarnated, she was reborn in Snow Melody Village. The false Zenon destroyed Snow Melody in order to kidnap her when she was around three years old. This is never really spelled out in the game but it makes sense and it's what the artbook suggests happened.

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