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Part 44: Extra- Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

Extra- Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

Now we're going to move on to some substantially harder extra stages. After 40 hours of play we unlock the ability to pass an assembly bill to fight Laharl again if we're in Episode 12 or 13. Then after we beat him, someone will propose that we summon him again, which must be done with Adell as a senator. Let's just get right to this.

Drama- Overlord Descent Intro

Hey, jerks! Don't talk crap just because you caught me in a moment of weakness!
I've been thinking about why I, Laharl, the most terrifying Overlord around, lost. And I figured out the problem.
Oh yeah? What's the answer?
It's because I'm not the main character! You guys only won because you're the heroes of the story!
That's some fuzzy logic, right there.
Our last battle was totally unfair! I object to the entire process!
So, I've decided to take this world by force and steal your spot as the main character!

...Huh? Where are we, anyway?
Rejoice, Flonne. I'm getting ready to wipe the floor with these losers and become the main character.
Ohh, how exciting!
Say, Flonne... aren't you sick of eating ramen day after day?
Main characters have it so easy. They get a huge spread after work every day. And free refills on beverages!
Th, that sounds pretty nice...
Hey Prince, would you knock it off already? Stop being stupid and say you're sorry, and we might just let you in the group.
Hey, that sounds like a sweet deal too!
Are you off your rocker!? Why would I ever apologize to you? You're my vassal!
I told you, I quit. I don't work for you! You're such a spoiled brat!
Would you can it? All the cupboards in my castle are completely bare, thanks to you! I haven't eaten real beef in a month!
I'll either persuade you to come back by force, or just take over this game myself!

Map- Overlord Descent

This is a most difficult map. You are faced with a Bahamut, Zombie King, Fallen Angel Flonne, and Laharl. The enemies are in the 500-600 range. Laharl is by far the largest threat here. We want to lure single enemies away one at a time and deal with them in as big a combo as we can. This is very much a slugfest, do your best to hit Laharl as hard as you can as much as you can while you still have lots of characters. Avoid keeping your characters in positions that make them vulnerable to his Meteor Impact or Winged Slayer attacks, these are much more powerful than his melee and will likely kill them. Flonne's pretty weak because she fortunately doesn't have any offensive spells learned, although her Flonnezilla attack can do some serious damage if you have people too grouped up and provoke her to use it. You'll either be high enough level with strong enough equipment for this or you won't. You can do this at surprisingly low levels if you do it right.

Drama- Overlord Descent Outro

You are so not acting like real Overlords.
You look miserable. I can't help you with your subpar diet, but I can let you be the main character.
A, are you serious?!
Sure. For only a minute and 40 seconds.
Wait a sec, why do you get to decide? I'm the main character, remember?
You're a grown-up, right? Don't be so petty. Let him have some fun for a minute.
Meh heh heh...
Gaaahh hahahahaha!!! Perfect! For the next minute and a half, I shall tug at the heartstrings of the entire universe!
But what can you do in 100 seconds? You'd have to do something super dramatic to have a real impact.
Oh, I know! How about an anime segment?
Anime...? Yes, of course! That's perfect!
If I become the dashing hero of an awesome anime, I could kill them off and take over as the main character! I'm a genius!
Ohh, sounds like fun. Let's give it a shot!
Eh? Flonne, get out of my way. Give me some space so they can animate me.
You're ruining the shot! Go stand over there, out of my light.
But it was my idea...!

The Prince is being a bit of an ass, wouldn't you agree? Don't you think we should teach him a little lesson?
Ohh...? What kind of lesson?
What I'm thinking is... * murmur* * whisper*
Hey! You guys! Everyone, pay attention to me!
Let this go down as the defining moment in the history of anime... A revolution in entertainment!
You ready, Flonne?
Oh, absolutely, Miss Etna. Eh hehehe.

Anime Scene

Unngg... S... stop... no... Qui, quit... don't bother me...
Hey, he's finally awake.
Ahh... ha. Who knew anime could be so violent?
Okay, Prince. Are you happy now? Your time in the limelight was brief, but you got to be the main character. You can leave now.
But you were the ones running the show!
Tch! Nevermind! I don't even wanna be a part of this stupid world. I wouldn't stay if you begged me!
I'll go find a better world, with heaps of food and cookies! And they'll love me! Let's get outta here, Flonne.
Huh? Why? I like it here. I think I'm gonna stay here for a while.
You go ahead by yourself, Sir Laharl.
You too...? I don't believe it.
Hmph! Fine, do whatever you want! I might be alone, but I'll never be lonely. I am the greatest of all Overlords, Laharl!
Aahh hahahaha!
Well, anyway, Fallen Angel Flonne is now at your service. Please take care of me.
System Message: You've adopted [Fallen Angel Flonne]!
Is he gonna be okay? He looked like an abandoned puppy. I think his eyes were tearing up.
He'll be fine. Laharl's a big boy!

Flonne is the best healer in the game, as she gets a bonus to amount healed. She's also just in general got very good caster stats, and is best used just as she was in Disgaea as a relatively tough caster. I mean she's no Magic Knight but she's pretty good.

Drama- Summon Overlord Laharl Intro

* Gulp* You don't look so great, Sir Laharl. What's wrong?
What's wrong? Everything, that's what! Since you both left me, all I've been eating is canned tunafish!
I'm wasting away here...
Then why don't you just apologize to Etna? I'm sure she wants to come back...
Are you mad?! I can't do that! Who ever heard of an Overlord apologizing to his vassal?
Geez, you're so stubbon! Etna really isn't any different, but...
Hey, don't blame this on me! This is all the high and mighty Prince's fault!
Psh... I was thinking of apologizing... But I've decided not to now. You flat-chested little shrew.
Ugah?! You sniveling little twerp! I'll never forgive you now! Not even if you give back all my pudding!
P, pudding...?

Map- Summon Overlord Laharl

This is a much harder map than the previous. You face 2 Kunoichi, 2 Magic Knights and 2 Clerics at level 800 and Laharl at level 1000. If you have long enough magic range, you can actually nuke the Kunoichi and Magic Knights from outside their range. If you're really slick you can even do this with Laharl, but it's hard to pull off. The strategy to this is pretty similar to the last one. Deal with everyone else so you can deal with Laharl alone. He's got a huge pool of health and is very likely to kill someone with every attack he makes, so this is a matter of doing as much damage as you can as quickly as you can while you can still manage big combos. The video comes down to the wire, I get lucky and have Flonne left able to nuke him with Omega spells outside his range.

Drama- Summon Overlord Laharl Outro

All of this is because of something as trivial as... pudding?
And you somehow managed to get us involved in this mess.
You say it like it's no big deal... but that pudding was a rare delicacy from the Sea of Gehenna.
I took special care to hide it waaay in the back of the fridge, behind the baking soda. But that dirty Prince found it and ate it!
Sweets are a girl's best friend. I can't forgive him. You understand, right Rozalin?
Actually, I don't really like sweets. I'm more of a meat-eater.
Mhhmm!! Delicious! This is the best food I've ever had! Mmm!!
Hanako!? You didn't feed him, did you?
Yep! He was dying. I couldn't watch him starve. Besides, I like seeing people stuff their faces with my food.
Yes! Such a rich, zesty flavor! What's your secret ingredient? It's Zombie Juice, isn't it?
I would never use something gross like that! How rude...

Why do so many demons think they can just make decisions like that?
No way, Prince! Hanako is my apprentice!
Not a chance! She's my servant!
Wow, Hanako... you're really popular.
Hehe, of course I am!
Hanako belongs to me now! If you won't hand her over, you'll just have to let me join the group. So she can feed me every day.
You know... I think you might be insane.
Shut your hole! My decision is final! I'll agree to join you as long as I get three meals a day. You better be grateful!
Haa hahahahaa!
System Message: Under the agreement of 3 meals per day, [Overlord Laharl] has joined the group!!
Uhh... So, I get credit for getting them back together... right?
...I don't think so.

Laharl's definitely the best special character in this. He's got a huge ATK and does extra damage versus monsters. He's awesome with swords, which are still incredibly powerful in Disgaea 2. He also comes at level 1000, which is a nice little jumpstart. All in all he's very worth your while to use.

Anyway, next time I'll have another couple little Extra Stages.