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Part 46: Extra- The End

Extra- The End

Now we see the one and true ending of this game. The only ending, and the only way to end the main content of this LP. This is the result if you pass the bill "I want to see the ending!" after 20 hours of gameplay in Episodes 1-9.

Extra- Darkly Adonic Intro

What are you supposed to be? The final boss?
Nah, he can't be. He must be some sort of Mid-Boss, at best.
M, M, Mid-Boss?!
This is unforgivable... first you try to see the ending without facing the final boss, and then you insult my honor!
You must be punished! En garde!

Extra- Darkly Adonic Map

This map is comparable in difficulty to the final battle. Mid-Boss is weaker than Zenon but has a lot of friends with him. He takes half damage from male characters, so rely on your females to take him down. I was hoping he'd use his Adonic Buster on someone, but he didn't, so just imagine he dropped the moon on someone. Anyway after this we get an end of cycle, and the best ending ever.

Extra- Darkly Adonic Ending

Making up excuses to save face is fine. But that's the best you can come up with?
Very well. Though I truly lost to severe indigestion, a loss is still a loss.
Your wish is to see the ending, huh? I shall grant you that wish!
* sigh* If you'd done that in the beginning, we wouldn't have had to kick you around.
Presenting! Engaging and elegant! Majestic and most epic! Please enjoy this world-class, masterpiece ending!
Begin the music!

And we get credits. Awesome credits. Mid-Boss credits.

And that's all the story stuff that I'll be covering most likely. I'll talk about some of the other endgame stuff at some point, but it's less interesting to me because there's no story to it. Until next time, this has been Feinne and thanks for watching.

Bonus Chapter: The Land of Carnage

I said I'd talk about this, so I will before this is all over and done. The Land of Carnage is a new feature to Disgaea 2 that allows you to reach the pinnacle of power in a much shorter time. All the same maps can be accessed from the Land of Carnage but every enemy is higher level with much higher stats. The Land of Carnage Item World is the only way to get the highest rank weapons, as the Item God at the bottom of the one before will ONLY have the highest rank in the Land of Carnage. Sounds great, right?


See, I haven't told you how to get into the Land of Carnage yet. You need 16 Treasure Maps in order to access it. What's a Treasure Map? It's an item held by the Pirates in the Item World. So you have to kill one of each type of pirate in the Item World in order to get in. You're probably thinking that doesn't sound so bad. The problem is that some of the pirates are so vanishingly rare as to be possibly non-existent. This makes getting into the Land of Carnage hugely time consuming, which is why I never even considered doing it on this file.

Still, the Land of Carnage is where you want to go if you want to reach the pinnacle of levels, because you can easily go from 1 to 9999 in a very short time there.

Pirates spawn randomly in the Item World. What happens in that every turn on a floor it has some chance to spawn a pirate. You have to linger about 4 turns on a floor to know it's not going to give you one. What pirates can show depends on the floor you're on. The problem is that some of the pirates are really, really rare. For example the Jolly Pirates are probably (this is experential mind and not a hard number) max 1% chance if you're on a floor that can potentially spawn Jolly Pirates, which is I think 21-40 if I recall correctly. If it takes you ten hours to get all the treasure maps you got really, really, really lucky.

HenryEx posted:

They're all technically the same rarity, it's just bad luck (that's how statistics work, for everyone getting the Jollies at first try ever, there's someone with 1000 reloads) and a not-really-random number generator. It's just that with 16 differen maps to collect, the chance to be fucked over with one of them is pretty high.
(By the way, i got the Jollies' map before i seriously started collecting them, because they were rather frequent for me. Now, Ambling pirates... )

And now for some more useless stuff: Even though all pirates may have the same probability to appear on paper, it's not the same when going through an item. There's a handful of pirates that appear from level 1 onwards, then another bunch joins the pool from 21 onwards (Jollies are in here), then three more pirate types from 41+ and another map-carrying pirate appears at level 61+.
Which means, at level 5, there's only 6 different pirates that can appear, whereas at level 65, there's a whole cast of 16 pirates to choose from. So, going from 1-100, the "lower" pirates always have a much higher chance to appear, whereas it's ahrder to get the 61+ pirate, for example, since there's 15 others who could appear instead.

When Feinne said, the Jollies appear at levels 21-40, he really meant they appear from level 21 all the way to 100. It's not a good idead to continue past 40, though, if you're farming for them when another bunch of possible pirates join the roulette.

Also. Pseudo-random number generators that use your PS2 serial number. It can be a very dumb idea.

iamsosmrt posted:

Tedious as it is, once you get in the habit of grinding and item leveling, pirate map hunting isn't really as bad as people make it out to be.

The key is to do the capture level 9999 enemy trick from that bridge map (can't remember the name of the creature or the map). It'll save you so much time in getting through the item world maps and stealing items.

With those captures, they'll have more than enough subpoenas to build up your felonies.

So while I did the pirate hunt, I also built up my felonies (to 300), stole rare items, built up powerful items (a few legendary ones to level 98 or whatever in prep for the Land of Carnage), and had a fairly respectable army by the time I reached the Land of Carnage.

So yeah, it's time consuming and maybe even a waste of time, but if you're doing Post Game anyway, it's arguable all a waste of time to begin with. The Land of Carnage tends to be so much tougher than the regular world that the time spent trying to be able to access it will be just about right for preparing you to be strong enough to even beat it (mostly by building a couple of very strong weapons).